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Don’t Blame Me, It Wasn’t My Default

June 11, 2013

My boss came into my office this morning in a bit of a panic!!

A big meeting was coming up in fifteen minutes and the report she had finished at home in the wee hours needed to be printed.

Unfortunately, her computer had a meltdown and she had to sign onto her system from my computer.

It didn’t take long to switch users and she very quickly had the document opened and sent to the printer. Fifteen copies for the attendees of the meeting.

It wasn’t very long before we heard the scream.

She rushed in with the reports – a mere two minutes before the meeting – and showed them to me: misaligned, funky font, screwed up pagination…

In other words, a complete mess.

And, quite naturally, she assumed it was something I had done…

Well, of course…

While she freaked out, I opened the document to see a very nice array of “arial” words running amok on the page. Having worked with her for some time, I am familiar with the settings she normally uses and changed everything to her normal… Seeing the document return to some sense of reality calmed her down tremendously. Then she just had to re-format a couple of places in the document to make it look “right” again.

I guess she didn’t know that the word document had reverted to windows default when it was opened on any machine other than her own. Working quickly, I reformatted the thing.

The reports were printed and delivered to the meeting only a couple of minutes late.

And, of course, she still blamed me.

She didn’t understand that it was not my default, it was the system’s.

the Road Ahead… looks pretty bumpy

June 6, 2013
courtesy of Candie_N(Welcome Spring)@flickr

courtesy of Candie_N(Welcome Spring)@flickr

Bill Gates retired from head of the Microsoft Corporation and it doesn’t seem to have helped the programmers over there make a better product. Of course, they are still saddled with the digital infrastructure he “master-minded” (and I use the term lightly).

Meanwhile, Bill and Melinda have tried to do something meaningful with their fortune. The Gates Foundation has tackled illness around the world and soon announced they had eradicated malaria!

That’s a pretty good start, most people comment… but someone should have told the Gates and their sycophants that “eradicated” ailments have a very nasty tendency to return ten times worse. Yes, sadly, eradication seems to be just what most of these things need to become stronger.

So, I would say the road ahead looks pretty grim for the next generation of people who contract the new, improved malaria super bug.

And fresh from their “conquest” of malaria, the Gates have decided to take on the problem of education in America.

With the fellow’s track record in business monopoly and virus eradication, most people are certain a solution is just around the corner.

Yes, Bill is now being recognized as an “authority” on education and how to fix the system.

Looking around the internet, finding educational formulas that have actually “worked” in real practice one can see the whole concept of testing has to be trashed. It has been shown over and over to be the failing point of the educational system.

So, what does the Gates Foundation suggest as a fix? More testing! And not just for the students but for the teachers as well!!

As Bill so quaintly put it, teachers will be graded and those whose marks are not up to a certain benchmark will be fired.

Wonderful. Testing to a grade does not work so he suggests we expand the system to include the teachers as well! This guy is completely unbelievable!

I can see another bumpy road ahead.

Perhaps Bill should have stuck with his burgeoning stand-up career. Buffoonery elsewhere is so unbecoming.

Actually, if Bill wants to put his money someplace that would actually benefit mankind, why doesn’t he hire the best and brightest minds in the digital realm – any verify none of them program in Microsoft products – in order to build an operating system that actually works. You know, like the first time… without bugs, crashes, and failures… you know, like Windows.

With all the money he has, I am sure he could put together a crack team to put the thing together.

And if he could keep from trying to “roll up his sleeves” and interfere, we might actually have a decent computer on the market.

I mean, besides the Apple.

Windows® Placebo

November 9, 2012

Have you ever come across a problem while running Windows®…

Whoa! Hold on a moment… don’t get off on a rant here… the question was rhetorical and only used in this context to set up my piece. Those rants have a proper time and place, like later and on your own blog.


So, you encounter some “little” problem with Windows® – stay with me – and the program extends the offer to “fix” the problem for you.

And this cute little pop-up window… well, pops up and starts through the process:

And you see the thing start working…

and the little progress bar moves across the block slowly,

pulsing as it moves, spreading inexorably toward the end of the progress bar…

and then maybe starts sliding the green “bubble” across, untethered,

And then the answer flashes on your screen.

And it is never an answer you want because it now implies that you have to call the Geeks Squad or the store where you bought the computer or – a fate worse than DEATH – you’ll have to call the Microsoft help line… even though you really don’t have the four-and-a-half hours to hang on to the phone waiting your turn in line (hearing repeatedly the warning about losing that precious place in line if you should hang up) or you’re on a cell phone and your charger is nowhere to be seen.

But you could have saved yourself the momentary elation that Windows® had given you if you had merely looked at the small message at the lower left of the pop-up window, as seen below.

The “help” was nothing more than a way to appease the furious consumer…

[Please note, this article is meant for humorous purposes only and the screenshots (yes, including the name “WindowsPlacebo”) are fictitious. The entire idea was merely suggested by the many times I have used that pop-up “service” that never resulted in any fix being found. Perhaps you have had a better experience.]

… yeah… right!

and now, Windows 8 (W8)

October 25, 2012

Tomorrow it will be here.

Wow! Like, I can hardly w8!

I caught the short demo of the new system with its checkered graphical display and even a link to the Windows “app-store”.

I would call that extremely innovative (Bill Gates’ catch-word, not mine) wouldn’t you? Except that I have a feeling I have sort of heard of this thing before.

Maybe I had a premonition of it, I dreamed it (or nightmared it), or maybe it’s because it sounds a lot like some Apple products I have heard of… once… you know, or twice… or so.

But then that really would be innovative, wouldn’t it? I mean, I don’t really think Windows has so closely copied anything from Apple before, have they?

Well, only that windowing thing. I recall that was all from trying to copy the Apple OS, but that is ancient history these days and we don’t even bother counting that sort of copy-catting. Not when we have a new, virtually innovative bit of copy-catting going on.

Yes, once again, Microsoft leads the way… sort of from the rear, as it were. But this new system looks really good. (wink)

I may decide to take it for a spin in 2014, which would be about a year sooner than I generally try out Windows systems… you know, like after they have worked all the bugs out.

W8 for it, W8 for it…