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Free Two-Day Shipping… Right!

February 2, 2019


I’m an Amazon Prime member and have been ordering stuff from them for over a year now and, generally speaking, the stuff arrives in a timely manner.

This past week, I ordered a DVD and, two days later, had not received it, so I went online to “track” the order only to see that it has not yet been shipped!

I went to their contact page and chatted with a personable (and, of course, apologetic) person who took the time to explain that the “two-day” shipping means it will be two days from the date it is shipped.

And the problem seems to be that the Amazon Fulfillment Center closest to me did not have the item so it has to be shipped from further away.

That’s fine and I fully understand HOW their system works in that regard.

What I cannot understand is why the item hasn’t shipped in two days’ time!

I don’t care if it is coming from Timbuktu or Malaysia or wherever, they had the order 24 hours ago, unless this one Amazon outpost is so far removed from the mainstream that it can only receive order through the assistance of the Pony Express.

But even that should take less than twenty-four hours! In this day and age how can any business NOT have the capabilities to receive orders practically instantaneously.

Even communications to Mars would have been received and the package prepared for shipment before now!

Sure, the two days is from the time they SHIP the package but the lack of the small print doesn’t tell you how long it is going to take that slug-a-bed Bob to get off his lazy keister and stick the package in the mail.

Aren’t these people trained?

All you gotta do is open the freakin’ email and put the thing in a box, print the shipment label and Bingo! Shipped!

For all their supposed capabilities in using this marvelous new tech (yeah, I mean the mailstream) they cannot figure out how to box something up and ship it in less than six weeks, which is the delivery date the representative told me.

Their packages, smiling so smugly, barely hide the bitter broken system that lies within.

Sorry, Amazon, but if anyone capable comes along any time soon, I think your empire is gonna topple.

Okay, rant over.

the Future of Now

July 17, 2018


Over a decade ago…

I told my son, who was fiddling with making goofy YouTubes with his friend, that he should make a series of them and put them up but also make a different series as well, and a third.

In other words, rather than just make a YouTube channel, he could create a Network. Monetized, of course.

And from the proceeds of this small enterprise, he could then begin doing better quality, longer videos with more structured content… Just like a real broadcast network.

His response was predictable: “That’s ridiculous. That couldn’t happen.”

It was a simple concept and I was certain other people were thinking along those same lines and it has now become a reality for many.

The key to the success of these endeavors is, of course, advertising. People pay you to do what you like.

Let that sink in a moment.

Given that the advertising revenue is what drives such things, I was not in the least surprised when ads began to be run at the beginning of most videos OR, as is done quite often now, in the middle of the video.

Now, the vendors “help” us by offering to pay for no-advertising versions of their service and a great many people take advantage of this.

So, where am I going with this?

Extrapolation shows us that very soon we will see more of this bothersome practice creeping in to other area of our socialization.

Such as in streams of text messages.

You’ll be texting with your romantic partner when a text bubble pops up about dinner at Appleby’s or some such. No, it won’t be your partner, but you might both think it is. Perhaps not subliminal but effective.

Later, you’ll be given the option of paying a fee to have the ads removed.

And then, of course, the pièce de résistance: ads in the middle of your SPOKEN conversations.

The only danger inherent in this sort of advertising is, of course, when it occurs in the middle of an emergency call.

“Hello, 911? We need a…”

“Have you seen the new fall fashions at Macy’s? Check it out at…”

(Actually, I doubt they would allow it on 911 calls, but you never know.)

And, of course, you can pay them to remove the advertising…

Many would think the advertisers will never go to these extremes but you have to remember, companies HAVE TO ADVERTISE!

And if people are paying to not see ads anywhere, the advertisers will have to find new venues for their ads.

Because it is vitally imperative that you know about their product!! (At least in their minds.)

So no matter where and when you pay to have the ads removed…

They will reappear somewhere else.

Like at the movie theater or one the DVDs and music CDs you buy. (Yeah, old news, I know.)

Or on your favorite Sports Venue…

And next?

How about naming rights for the public schools since education can always use a few more dollars?

And you can proudly claim your son graduated from Grover Cleveland Microsoft High and will be attending Stanford McDonald-Douglas.

Oh, yeah.

It’s coming.

The Real Problem, as I See It

June 10, 2015

Since my wife works for Fairfax County Public Schools, I quite often have a bone to pick with the way things are run. I would try writing a letter campaign to the administrators but I sometimes doubt they would be able to read it, understand it, or both.

Sure we have the wonderful SOLs that have to be taken because of national mandate and we all know how good those things are. When I was young, we had the tests the last week of school and had maybe one half-day afterwards.

Today they have two weeks of school AFTER the end of the tests. And what exactly do the teachers do in that valuable block of time? Play movies, have parties, and the like. You know, real constructive use of the teachers and the children’s time.

I don’t know, maybe they are contracturally obligated for a certain number of days, even if the time spend is wasted. Who knows?

Anyway, near the start of the year, wife planned an event at the school (one she does every year) and it has always been held in a certain room. The week before the event, someone in the office called her and said she couldn’t have the room.

Seems they instituted a new rule that all room requests had to be approved and set on the “Master Schedule” and someone else had requested that date just a week before – several weeks after the event had been announced. So she had to contact the parents and students and move the event to another, less favorable, venue.

Fast forward to today. It is nearing the end of a long and exhausting school year and the final event planned is due to occur next week. It was approved to be held in the gym and put on the “Master Schedule” three months ago.

Well, apparently the schedule is really master of nothing. The thrid grade teachers decided they wanted to hold their year-end celebration in the gym and, since parents are coming as well, they simply erased the name of the “scheduled” event and penciled in their own, with the administrators’ approval, of course.


See why I think the administrators might not be able to read anything I wrote to them?

Looking for Scores? Wait for it…

December 18, 2014

Here it is, Wednesday evening, and I opened up to check all the scores from last weeks’ games.

From the main page, I clicked the link labeled “SCORES”. Should do the trick, right?

Oh, if only it was so easy!!

The page it took me to was one that displayed brightly at the top “WEEK 16”.

Only problem, that is the week that is yet to come.

It hasn’t happened yet.

It starts tomorrow night with the game with Tennessee at Jacksonville.

But that game has not happened yet so naturally there are NO scores.

If I had wanted to see a lack of scores I would have clicked that link… well, if there was one.

If I had only wanted to know which games were upcoming, I wouldn’t even have had to click anything as that data is on a banner across the top of the homepage.

Maybe I’m being a bit too nit-picky here but shouldn’t the link for scores actually take you to some scores?


But maybe I’m just a little tired after my long day at work.

And isn’t nit-picky what this blog is all about?

That should not be misconstrued… like Jay Gruden claims his comments about RG3 are. He whined and said his words were being twisted. He really harbors no ill will for the fellow and just wants him to become a better quarterback.

Well, Jay, I don’t have to twist your words to know how badly RG3 played in the second half against the Giants after you had your little “pep talk” with him.

Actions speak louder than words, you know.

And you can’t complain anybody “twisted” them.

No QB Controversy

September 26, 2014

When Robert Griffin III went down in week two, word slipped out of the Redskins organization that it seems RG3 wasn’t the best fit for the new management anyway. Seems they are now a little relieved that they can move “that fellow” out of the way and bring their focus on Kirk Cousins, who is the model QB for the new coach’s “system”.

I can see where they’re coming from because Kirk Cousins came in late last season and really showed us what he was made of. And we are seeing more of those winning ways since RG3 went down.

Ahem. If the second half against New York is what we can expect from here on out, I am ready to start the Redskins Mantra early this year: “Just wait til next year!”

And, of course, three weeks into a season is far too soon to judge anyone’s potential for winning, it does signify a problem of somewhat greater proportions.

First of all, football is a team sport. Everyone is supposed to adjust their play to utilize their skill-sets for the good of the team. And most of the athletes involved are good enough at what they do to be able to tweak their application of those skills to some degree.

Of course, one would never think of taking an offensive lineman and telling him to play tight-end, or wide receiver. They may be versatile but that is too much of a stretch. Many very gifted lineman have a problem when switching from left tackle to right tackle, or from a tackle position to a guard.

So, why would any coach abuse the gift of a demonstrably gifted QB and make him run the game the way he is not best suited?

Why did Snyder hire a coach who needs a pocket passer when the QB at the top of their roster is anything else but?

This reminds me of a defensive back they had a few years ago and used with good results allowing him to do what he does best. And Lavar Arrington was extremely good at what he did. But then came Greg Williams and Lavar was forced to work within a system and in a role he was ill-suited for.

Naturally, Williams benched the fellow and traded him away at the end of the season. (And, yes, this is the same Greg Williams who lost his job at New Orleans for his truly over-aggressive coaching style, so you just know his judgment was sound.)

If you saw a magnificent racehorse, would you purchase it so you could plow a field?

If you were in awe of a fast racecar, would you consider buying one for your daily commute?

Use journeymen quarterbacks in the pedestrian roles all you want but a very impressive player should not be forced into a role and a mold they do not fit.

Players at the NFL level are a rare breed but the truly great players are rarer still.

For a coach to ignore that rarity is a sure sign of… well, a sure sign that the coach is not destined for greatness either.

In every position, in any industry, when the system takes precedence over its integral parts, that system is doomed to mediocrity.