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Group Hug Time

December 24, 2014



Apparently, Jay Gruden is really the good guy in this scenario.

Yes, his words were “harsh” but “true”, his comments were all “twisted horribly” by the media. Which, I assume, would include myself and a few other bloggers who seemed to think he was saying one thing when it should have been nuanced another.

Apparently his trashing of RG3’s mechanics and work-ethic was really nothing more than a “tough love” approach to help the poor man improve.

That reminds me of people who can be so caustic in their remarks and then defend what they are saying as “being honest” as if their opinion is somehow to be considered “truth” and others’ opinions aren’t.

But the season is wrapping up – suitable, I suppose for this season – and will be sealed with a great big colorful bow to be placed under Snyder’s Christmas tree, labeled “a lump of coal”. Yes, everyone has buried the hatchet (the one without the blood-stains) and come together as one big happy family.

Photo op beside the tree, they all smile merrily and embrace – as one – as if the debacle of 2014 never happened.

And the fans, as usual, just shrug and smile weakly as if to say “Just Wait Until Next Year.”

At least we can all end the season in the same frame of mind.



Gruden Follies of 2014 Continue

December 10, 2014

Saw an interesting article recently about RG3 and his supposed lousy mechanics. (You know, the game that Chris Cooley dissected to show how bad Robert was in his development.)

Sean Hill, a quarterbacks trainer and QB guru looked at the game film expecting to see a train wreck but came away with a different take. Not too surprising to me as it was what I got from watching the game as well. Griffin executed well and his fundamentals were in good shape – funny that Gruden seems to have missed it, huh? but what would you expect from a novice – but what really bothered him was a porous offensive line.

Many say he should learn to trust the O-line but I think you first have to see something trustworthy. It reminded me so much of the beating Patrick Ramsey had gone through with his O-line – especially the supposedly great Chris Samuels – allowing him to get pummeled on every stinking play from scrimmage.

Now, the fans are relieved to know that Griffin will be starting against New York in the upcoming game. People are relieved that Gruden has finally “got it right”. but I am not so easily convinced.

Sure, Robert is starting but with Gruden’s itchy finger, he could very easily pull him and throw Cousins in. The problem, as I see it, is not that Griffen gets the nod, it’s that the game plan is still going to be Gruden all the way. And expecting the QB to suddenly become a pocket-passer without a suitable offensive line…

It just seems a little offensive to me.

Perhaps if Robert conspired with his teammates to play his sort of game instead of Gruden’s…

But that ain’t gonna happen is it?

No, these people are all professionals.

How About The Real McCoy, Huh?

December 7, 2014

Everyone’s been raggin’ on RG3 and expecting Colt to be “the guy”.

Last week he looked miserable against Indy but – after all – they are one of the top teams in the NFL. But this week? This week we were at home against the 5-7 Rams. Gruden seemed assured this was going to be a walk in the park.

Nope. More like a mugging.

People seem to forget that the reason Colt seemed so good is no one was expecting to defend against him and his technique of play. Once he was made the starter, we get to really see how ineffective he is.

So many of the fan sites I have seen go on and on about how bad RG3 is and how he can’t make the adjustment to “pocket passer” like Gruden wants him to. Unfortunately, those people seem to know less about people in general and gifted athletes in particular… just like Jay Gruden. Like, nothing.

If I were Snyder, I wouldn’t even let the coach finish out the season. By this point, his methods and his philosophy – not to mention his knowledge of football – have been proven to be sorely lacking.

And what was that about sending in RG3 with two minutes to go. Does he really think the star player really “needs to get a few reps”? Why not Kirk? I would burden Gruden with a few expletives but I try to keep a family-oriented blog here and I will refrain from doing so, but feel free to blast him with whatever choice phrases you want. Please!

If the owner, Dan Snyder, understood football a little better he could probably make better decisions. Probably hearing Gruden’s schpiel about “pocket passers” are the future of the NFL… just look at Andrew Luck… he was convinced to go for it. RG3 is not a pocket passer. He is not a typical athlete. He is a gifted quarterback who plays the position naturally. It was not something he had to learn so Gruden is naturally wrong thinking he can merely “re-train” Robert. The kid was never trained to be a QB to start with, it’s all just him.

Sure, he can learn schemes, formations, and so forth, but he cannot be untrained in the intuitive way he plays because it was never learned.

RG3 is truly a naturally gifted quarterback.

Fixing the wheel that isn’t broken will never assist you along the journey. RG3 is not that wheel.

But the Head Coach position is the wheel that’s broken.

* * * * * * *

Anyway, how ’bout that Colt McCoy, huh?

Yeah, whatever.

Show Me the Money

December 17, 2013

Continuing on the Snyder article mentioned in my last post (yesterday if you missed it), people are complaining mostly about his avarice. Yes, he is bound and determined to make a bundle of money off his ownership.

So he sold the name of the stadium, raised ticket prices, and so forth.

The fans are complaining bitterly.

So what?

I moved to the DC Metro area from Phoenix where we had wanted a team for sooooo long.

We finally got Bill Bidwell to move the Cardinals from St. Louis to Arizona. Suddenly we had a team!!

Then, of course, he got rid of the really good players to save a bit of coin and raised the ticket prices. Yes, at one time the Arizona tickets were the most expensive in the league… and we did not even have a stadium! The team had to use the facilities at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe which the ASU Sun Devils called home.

We had the same revolving door for coaches that currently plague the Redskins. We had the same “losing mentality” that Washington seems to have caught.

One year we had an exceptional quarterback that was actually winning games. But when Tom Tupa came too close to winning enough games to make his bonus, Bidwell had the fellow benched. For the season!

Of course the team tanked and they got rid of Tupa the next year and he will be remembered only for converting the very first two-point conversion in NFL history after that option was put into effect. No, he never had another good year anywhere.

Buddy Ryan, the famed Defensive Coordinator of the Eagles, was brought in as head coach and he wanted to show everyone he meant business so he instructed the team to win every single pre-season game! And they did. Of course, the teams they played against weren’t really trying to win…

Needless to say, the season went downhill from there, only winning three of the games that really counted. Buddy’s legacy lives on, though, as his twin boys are in the NFL: Rob is the Defensive Coordinator for Oakland and Rex is the much-storied head coach of the New York Jets.

By the time I left Phoenix, people were as angry with Bidwell as the people here are toward Snyder. It seems all about the same to me. You gotta figure those guys are in business to make money and that’s what they do.

Bidwell’s son took over in Phoenix, I heard, and they got a stadium, got a descent team, and even went to the Super Bowl. That’s great. Maybe that sort of thing will give the Redskins’ fans some hope.

Everything today seems to be about the money.

The NFL jealously guards its “non-profit” status while they rake in the billions.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg keeps diluting his site with more and more ads. Google bought You-tube so they could stuff it with ads. Making money is the cornerstone of all these ventures in America.

How much is enough?

Maybe when all the stockholders have bled the last stone dry…

Courting Disaster

December 16, 2013

I recently came across an article that had been written in October 2010 about the Redskin’s Fans Guide to the team and its owner, Dan Snyder.

The thing garnered a couple of hundred comments – none in support of Mr. Snyder, I might add – and died on the vine that is the fate of older internet articles.

Unfortunately for Mr. Snyder, he filed suit against the small paper in Feb. 2011 and the article was linked in the Washington Post online edition. Here it went nationwide and the number of comments grew to over a thousand.

People coast-to-coast got to read a little about what the Washington Redskins fans have had to put up with for over a decade now. He expanded his suit to include the author and the notice continued. After he finally dropped his suit in September 2011, the comments and views diminished greatly.

The article was referred to again in a recent Yahoo! Sports article and is getting commented on again.

People just can’t get enough of / have had too much of Dan Snyder.

The recent benching of RGIII and the chatter about Mike Shanahan’s imminent firing have kept the kettle on a low boil I guess. And now I hear that Kyle Shanahan, Mike’s son and Offensive Coordinator, is threatening to leave.

Hey, Kyle, don’t let the door hit your backside. I’ve been saying for three years now that Kyle was the main problem the Redskins were having. I have even intimated that he was actually the one running the team.

Now an article from an “insider” at the organization, verifies the claim. Kyle has been allowed to surround himself with sycophants, buddies, and “yes-men” to the detriment of the organization. His bratty behavior has done the team tremendous harm.

So Mike Shanahan is to blame for allowing his less-than-stellar son call the shots and will probably pay the price. So will Dan Snyder. So will the fans.

Perhaps Dan was trying to “make a way” for his son in the NFL coaching world but I cannot think of an organization that would hire him.

But I am probably wrong on that score.

Earlier, about Tebow being picked up by a team, I was wrong.

Perhaps I should say no “intelligent” team would hire Kyle.

That is, if there are any of those even in the NFL.


January 8, 2013

A lot of the fans here in “Redskins Nation” are disappointed and upset by the season-ending playoff game against the Seahawks.

I am not.

Normally, at least for most of the last decade, we Redskins fans would start looking forward with “maybe next year” around week eight or nine of the season. This year we witnessed a seven-game winning streak that gave our team the division and a playoff berth.

Yes, it is always disappointing when your team loses but, let’s face it, only one team is going to play from here out without a defeat and they will be crowned Super Bowl Champions. Everybody else is going to go home a loser. No matter how good the team.

So, while the way the game turned out may have been a bit of a heartbreak, the fact that RG3 led the team into the playoffs at all is exceptional.

The only disappointment I have is that the football season – as in every other year – is drawing to a close, and I will have to wait eight months to see any more.

Oh, well.

At least it will give RG3 plenty of time to recuperate and prepare for the next “run to glory”.

And we will play as the defending Divisional Champs.

The fans should relish that for the moment.

So, just wait til next year…

Sure My Math Isn’t What It Used to Be…

December 25, 2012

The Washington Redskins battled back to “tie” the Giants and Cowboys above the NFC East. But, because of the tie-breaking rules, Washington was actually the head of the division.

Then, last weekend, the Redskins beat Philly while both the Giants and the Cowboys lost, so that put them ahead by one game AND – by my calculations, gave them the division as well.

To my surprise, none of the sportscasters or networks seem to see it that way. It must be my math.

It seems to me that, by using the same tie-breaking rules as before, if Dallas AND the Giants both win next week (meaning the Redskins lose to the Cowboys) it would result in another three-way tie and – using the same tie-breaking rules as before – Washington would STILL win the division because they have a better divisional record than either of the other two.

If the Redskins lose to Dallas, they will both be 9-7. If the Giants beat Philly, they too will be 9-7.

In the Divisional records, Washington & Dallas will both be 4-2, the Giants 3-3 and therefore eliminated.

In the Conference record, Washington will be 7-5 and the Cowboys will only be 6-6, and eliminated.

Therefore, how can the Redskins NOT win the division??

Maybe there’s some part of the formula I’ve missed but I cannot see what it might be.

If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, I would love to know. I left a query at but have yet to see an answer.

Replacement Refs Re-Do – update from Monday’s blog

November 6, 2012

Greg Rosenthal reporting at says “In Sunday’s game between the Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins, the Panthers were incorrectly awarded a touchdown following an inadvertent whistle,” an NFL spokesperson said in a statement to CBS Sports.

They say the touchdown should not have counted and the ball should have been placed at the seventeen yard line.

But it does not say if the refs were fined or penalized in any way, like being sent back to replacement ref academy or anything.

And even Mr. Rosenthal reflects on the replacement refs as well: “It is rare to see an entire group of NFL officials melt under pressure like they did in this case. It certainly appeared the officials knew they made a mistake by blowing the whistle, so they tried to correct it, even if that meant going against the rulebook.

“We can only imagine how badly replacement refs would have been crucified had this happened under their watch.”

Thanks, NFL, I’m sure that makes the Redskin fans feel a whole lot better about the game, now.

And just how much money are these people making, anyway?

Ah, well, its a booming business and there’s money enough to go around for all of them, I am sure.

It’s only a game, right?

Now Where’d the Replacement Refs Go When We Needed Them?

November 5, 2012

Since the return of the “professional” referees to the NFL games, I have seen some behaviors and calls that seem to show the long shadow of the replacement refs we had to start the season.

The Pittsburgh – New York game yesterday had quite a few “questionable” calls… No, I can’t say that. “Questionable” means that given the benefit of the doubt, you could call them right. These calls were just plain wrong. And even with the benefit of going “under the hood” and seeing the play again in slo-mo from multiple angles, they still got it wrong.

It was so bad that many comments on implied that it appeared obvious to many that Goodell had “fixed” the game. Well, he did have a meeting earlier in the week with the owners of the Giants… nah!

I don’t think it was an attempt to “fix” the game as I am certain the refs could have gotten even worse if they had really been trying to insure a Giants victory.

But even without Goodell’s collusion, the game was not called very well.

The game with the Redskins and Carolina did not fare any better, though their officiating crew seem to be cut from the same cloth. It was so bad that on one call, with the Carolina player racing down the sideline, the side judge blew the whistle – apparently thinking the player had stepped out of bounds.

Now, we have been told for years that the whistle ends the play, regardless of what went on before, after, or during. A multitude of officiating sins over the years have been wiped aside because of this all important factor.

So, when the whistle blew, most the players stopped the action, except the player running down the sideline. Nobody stopped him – hey, the play was whistled “over”, you know? – and he ran for a touchdown. And, yes, it was then “called” a touchdown.

When did the magic whistle come to mean so little? (And why haven’t I seen the memo?)

The real refs returned after a truly miserable Monday Night Football game and looked a little rusty the first week back. But rather that getting better, they looked rustier the next week. This weekend, they looked even worse.

I don’t think Goodell is using his zombie zebra army to fix any games or to stack the playoff deck, but it certainly seems to be more of the continuing stench from earlier in the season.

Can it be that the replacement refs and these guys are really one any the same? Can it be that the replacement refs never really left us because they are still here in the real zebra outfits?

But that makes even less sense than the game-fixing conspiracy theory and a bit more decidedly south of weird for my taste.

Still, it makes you wonder how badly the replacements could have done in these games. And I cannot believe they could have been any worse than what we got.

With More than Just a Little… well, Luck

April 27, 2012

It seems that the NFL prophets (all 174 million of them) were right. Most people agreed since late September last season that Indianapolis, losing every game without Peyton Manning at the helm, was playing [i.e. losing] so they could win the Luck sweepstakes.

Sure enough, when the dust (and a lot of mud, slung as well) had settled at the end of the season, Indy had won the championship. They came out #1 in the Luck sweepstakes and proceeded to hint about dropping Mr. Manning.

After a few choice barbs exchanged via twitter and such, Mr. Kraft finally made the announcement that Peyton was no “their guy”. In fact, such had already become obvious to most people since Kraft had already canned practically everyone else around the team’s headquarters.

Funny, but I think the race to grab Peyton was even more interesting than Indy’s sloppy season… well, watching grass grow – or die! – would have been more interesting than the games Indy “played” last season.

So, Indy cleared out a space for Luck… Peyton headed for Denver… Tebow moved to the Big Top in the Big Apple circus… and everyone just had to wait for the draft.

Then Robert Griffith III decided to fore go his senior year at Baylor and enter the draft.

Hold the presses!!!

There were hints that Kraft was waffling… thinking about getting RG3 instead of Luck. Washington Redskins swapped some other draft choices to trade up to the #2 spot in the draft.

But which QB was Shanahan going to get? Luck or RG3? Things got pretty tense around many fans’ watering holes debating he qualities of each of the young men in question.

I think they will both be good QB’s but I always found Luck to be a little too serious. I guess that’s okay if that’s what you like.

RG3 always seemed more like a big kid, someone that really loves playing the game.

And smart?? Both of these guys rated higher in scholastics since practically anyone since Einstein played for the Princeton Potboilers back in… well, he never actually played, but I think he was drafted…

So, all the build up suspense was really nothing but smoke. Indy got Luck and Washington got RG3.

Great! but so what?

Can either of them field a decent team next season?

A quarterback doesn’t make the whole team, you know…

Well, not unless you are Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning.