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Tebow Still Flying in Philly

September 1, 2015

(Seems I am taking the whole Monday-morning-quarterback thing to extremes. Except that it is Tuesday.)

As much fodder as the Redskins have given the pundits in the off-season, there is one story that has gotten even more attention: the never-ending (or rather, near-to-ending) saga of Deflategate, a situation created out of thin air (pun intended).

But I won’t address that on-going legal circus as I want to talk about the third-favorite item of the off-season: Tebow’s journey to become a player in the NFL… again.

I have watched all the preseason games for the Eagles and can see some good stuff going on there. As usual, Chip Kelly offenses just keep on chugging along, and quickly.

Having four QBs fighting for roster spots seems a bit of a stretch for most teams but Kelly is not your typical coach. Not even in the same ballpark.

Bradford has the #1 spot sewn up and he looks sharp. About what you’d expect for a guy who has been the starter for another team for several years now. Sanchez is adequate as a backup, I suppose, but he didn’t especially wow me. But then, I’ve watched him in other seasons before and he looks really good in preseason but tanks in real time.

And that brings us to the two fellows battling for the highly coveted 3rd string QB position. Barkley has a bunch of supporters and they make a pretty good case. We will have to wait and see what Kelly’s choice will be.

As good as many have claimed Barkley to be – sometimes even looking better than Sanchez – at other times, Tebow has looked better. Yes, Barkley (and Sanchez) have had quite a few of their throws miss the intended receivers by a wide margin.

In the passing category, it is obvious Bradford is the standout favorite.

But this isn’t just any other team in the NFL, this is Kelly’s team. One of the often used plays in their arsenal is the option play – where the QB turns to give the ball to the running back and can decide to keep it and run with it himself if the defense looks good for him to do so.

I am sure Kelly has that play in his repertoire because he wants the QBs to run on occasion. From what I have seen in the three preseason games thus far, only one QB playing for the Eagles actually uses the play. Bradford, Sanchez, and Barkley simply hand the ball off and take a couple of steps like they actually had the ball, or something.

The defenses weren’t fooled. They keyed on the runner and took him down.

The only QB for whom that play was successful was Tebow because, you know, he actually thinks of that play as an “option”… not just a chance to hand off the football.

I’m not saying those other guys are above anything like trying to actually run with the ball but… Hey, Bradford’s had injury issues, y’know, and Sanchez is… well, Sanchez, and Barkley… who knows?

Hopefully, looking at the situation in this light might make Kelly’s choice a little easier.

(Not that anyone’s listening to me, of course!)

Tebow Soaring? Not Just Yet

April 22, 2015

Philly has signed Tim Tebow to a one year’s deal but that could mean anything at this point.

Other than reporter Trent Dilfer, every other commentator in the sports press seems to think it is going to be a waste of time, even though they all claim to have not yet gotten a chance to see the “new, improved Tebow”. Most are still complaining over the “old Tebow” with most crowing the familiar refrain that you cannot change a leopard’s spots.

If they were correct in the idea that people cannot fundamentally change, I suppose Saul of Tarsus’ tale of redemption on the road to Damascus was a lie. If people cannot change, I suppose Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t really help anyone set aside their addictions. And, it should also figure that every heartwarming story of redemption and forgiveness in the history of the world is nothing but a sham.

One thing I do know that does not seem to change is these people’s attitude about Tebow any more than you can get the press to change their stance on the Kennedy assassination.

I am hoping that Chip Kelly can prove all these people wrong by pulling off one of the great coaching miracles he has been known for.

And it won’t even matter if the talking heads praise Tim’s success as proof of Kelly’s brilliance rather than his abilities.

Which, of course, is how they will slant the story. Cannot admit they could have been wrong, y’know.

Aaron, You Shoulda Listened to Tim

April 15, 2015

Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty by a jury of his non-gansta peers and it seemed to come as a surprise to no one except Hernandez himself.

In the last few days, either he was “putting on a air of confidence” or he actually believed his high-priced lawyers were going to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

But Hernandez was no OJ, this perp had no juice. And though he was able to get rid of much of the incriminating evidence, the jury saw through the charade. Aaron has lost his mojo and will probably spend his life behind bars trying to make himself a kingpin in the prison population somewhere.

If he had paid more attention to his QB back at Florida… but then, Aaron was so little like his Biblical namesake and he probably thought Tebow a bit of a pansy with all that praying and stuff.

Tebow prayed, now Aaron pays.

Maybe he’ll find God in prison… so many do.

Courting Disaster

December 16, 2013

I recently came across an article that had been written in October 2010 about the Redskin’s Fans Guide to the team and its owner, Dan Snyder.

The thing garnered a couple of hundred comments – none in support of Mr. Snyder, I might add – and died on the vine that is the fate of older internet articles.

Unfortunately for Mr. Snyder, he filed suit against the small paper in Feb. 2011 and the article was linked in the Washington Post online edition. Here it went nationwide and the number of comments grew to over a thousand.

People coast-to-coast got to read a little about what the Washington Redskins fans have had to put up with for over a decade now. He expanded his suit to include the author and the notice continued. After he finally dropped his suit in September 2011, the comments and views diminished greatly.

The article was referred to again in a recent Yahoo! Sports article and is getting commented on again.

People just can’t get enough of / have had too much of Dan Snyder.

The recent benching of RGIII and the chatter about Mike Shanahan’s imminent firing have kept the kettle on a low boil I guess. And now I hear that Kyle Shanahan, Mike’s son and Offensive Coordinator, is threatening to leave.

Hey, Kyle, don’t let the door hit your backside. I’ve been saying for three years now that Kyle was the main problem the Redskins were having. I have even intimated that he was actually the one running the team.

Now an article from an “insider” at the organization, verifies the claim. Kyle has been allowed to surround himself with sycophants, buddies, and “yes-men” to the detriment of the organization. His bratty behavior has done the team tremendous harm.

So Mike Shanahan is to blame for allowing his less-than-stellar son call the shots and will probably pay the price. So will Dan Snyder. So will the fans.

Perhaps Dan was trying to “make a way” for his son in the NFL coaching world but I cannot think of an organization that would hire him.

But I am probably wrong on that score.

Earlier, about Tebow being picked up by a team, I was wrong.

Perhaps I should say no “intelligent” team would hire Kyle.

That is, if there are any of those even in the NFL.

a Real Song of Ice and Fire

June 11, 2013


On May 9th, Mike Florio reported that Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports (a man of questionable authority to begin with) that “Belichick hates Tebow”.

As if the story did not already have too many Mikes in the equation, they went on to quote “organizational sources” and “unnamed head coaches” to firm up the claim.

Six weeks ago, Tebow was released by the Jets to – as most assumed – fade away into obscurity. When I read the original Mike Florio article to my wife, I said it sounded like a bit of misdirection by the guys in Foxboro if it was actually really said by anyone attached to the Patriots organization.

If misdirection was intended, it worked like a charm and now all the commentators are proclaiming it was the “perfect match” all along.


The Jets may have taken Tebow originally with the idea of doing something with him but never quite figured out what that might be.

The sports talking-heads are now saying that Belichick always likes taking on “projects” and many have not turned out well. Remember Albert Haynesworth?

But other ones have turned out pretty good, like Randy Moss.

And Belichick has a way of shutting down the “media circus” that seems to follow Tebow wherever he goes.

True, true, and true… but these guys are still overlooking one final thing that might be a more interesting angle:

Belichick loves to get the New York Jets’ goat whenever he can. Whether spying on them or simply trashing them (not hard to do, it seems) Bill loves to goad the Jets.

Now he can – possibly – use a tool they discarded against them in a very public way.

I doubt he will pull Brady out of the games against the Jets (two a year, if memory serves me [LOL]) but I can certainly see him using the fellow in the games to show them what they coulda, woulda, shoulda done.

Darren Sharper (an analyst at NFL network) contends that the entire thing is a mistake that Tebow is not a quarterback… apparently he has never seen any of the stats from his high school, collegiate, or NFL career. Either that or he simply tends to ignore the stats because “everyone knows” he can’t play quarterback.

That’s a very Rex Ryan attitude to take. And we can see how well it served him and the Jets last year.

Many people think the Patriots are taking Tebow to change him into a tight end or running back. But, no, he has been hired as a quarterback.

If there can be any good brought from this relationship, you know Belichick will find it. Maybe not this season, but later on. Brady will not last forever. Not saying Tebow is his logical heir, but who knows what the future may bring.

The Wizard of Oz and the Wizard of Menlo Park are really no match for the man behind the curtain in Foxboro. The wizard in the gray hoodie makes the incomprehensible seem to make more sense than the power struggles behind each episode of “Game of Thrones”.

So there will be no quarterback controversy in New England like we saw in Denver and New York. No one is going to doubt that Brady is THE starting quarterback.

And there will no longer be a Tebow media circus… not in Foxboro. There, Belichick has always been the one-man circus.

Another Missionary Moment Gone South

February 24, 2013

Tim Tebow was scheduled to speak at the mega-First Baptist Church of Dallas but has canceled his April appearance there.

Many people were upset because the pastor of the church, Robert Jeffress, is supposedly outspoken on the subject of gays, same-sex marriage, idolators, Muslims, Mormons, Catholics… well, I think you get the idea. Everything that is not a First Baptist or Jesus is under fire.

So, what’s the fuss? Most preachers I know – Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, what-have-you – are a little outspoken on the same subjects. I think that sort of goes hand-in-hand with the religion they are touting.

Of course, modern Christians who believe more in what Jesus was preaching – forgiveness, not casting the first stone, universal love and peace… you know, that namby-pamby side of the Savior – don’t have a problem with any of this.

And supposedly, neither did Tim Tebow. That is, until the furor started.

Now the gay-press is applauding his sensibilities for canceling while the Christian press is dragging Tebow’s image over hot coals… yes, just like Jesus did to someone, right? I mean that IS somewhere in the scriptures, isn’t it?

And I have read two separate articles that mention “Tebow’s handlers”… Jeffress himself appeared on a radio show and said “I believe as long as he listens to the Holy Spirit and to God’s voice and maybe not that of his handlers, you know, I think he will stand firm, and we’re counting him to do that.”

I was not aware that young men of his stature required “handlers”.

But let’s get one thing straight: Tebow IS religious and he has spoken in churches before and will, no doubt, continue that practice. It is his ministry. And Christianity is the religion he is ministering in. Even to those who do not precisely share the views of Jesus, or Tebow, or the Gay Rights movement.

Somewhere along the way, the unyielding will drop the stone they so want to cast, their speech will become more tolerant, and everyone will learn how to live peaceably with one another…

Probably about the time the football season starts up again and we can get down to what’s really important.

Beer nuts, anyone?

a Tale of Two… uh, Tales

January 23, 2013… Tim Tebow forced on New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, GM Candidate Interviewee says

I saw this recent story posted under some video with “sports commentator” (and I use the term lightly) Skip Bayless pontificating on the state of … well, whatever it was he thought was important in that moment… I do not find him important enough to bother listening to anything he has to say…

But, this post is not about the Skipless, nor will I allow the Baylness to hijack this post, either. For this is a blog about Two Cities: New York and – you guessed it! – New York.

The city so huge they had to name it twice. So huge that it actually has two pro football teams! And so huge that they cannot fit either of those teams actually in New York, so they outsource both to New Jersey.

Anyway, making a short story longer, the owner of the Jets was supposed to have been the one that was so hot to get Tebow, so adamant that he went after the fellow doggedly… and now it seems it was “forced” on him by an employee. Now what sort of inverted organization is that where an underling forces the boss to do anything?

And, apparently, Woody Johnson only recently made this discovery and fired the man who forced this travesty on the poor unsuspecting owner!! Shame on you GM Mike Tannenbaum!

And this shameless Tannenbaum even “forced” it on the President of the team as well. Either the owner and President were asleep for an awful long time or they bided their time to see if the former GM needed to be scapegoated. (Which, I believe, is one step less in severity than waterboarding… uh, whatever that is, huh?)

Let’s face it, if Tannenbaum’s little idea had taken the team to the Super Bowl, they would have announced that it had been the owner’s idea and he was a freakin’ genius!

But we can leave that parallel universe/alternate history for the fiction accounts sure to be released at the next ComicCon or IguanaCon, or what-have-you. We will deal with the facts here.

Tebow, a veritable force to be reckoned with, was forced on the unsuspecting Big Apple, after becoming the much hailed “last Denver QB to win a playoff game” – and the record still stands these many months later – to become the back-up to future hall-of-famer [maybe, you never know] Mark Sanchez, well known for his famous “playing dead” posturing on the field so he doesn’t have to actually tackle anyone, or pass, or run, or – you know – win games.

May-the-forced-Tebow-be-with-you did not sit well with the omnipresent Coach Ryan and he could not figure out how to use the clutch Heisman trophy player since he assumed they already had what he unhesitatingly called “a quarterback”. The man needs more than just his eyesight examined.

So they stood Tebow on the sidelines most of the season waiting for someone to cast the first stone… making sure none of the aforementioned objects flew in the direction of Coach Ryan who was… as you can guess… blameless! Because… as you can probably guess… Tebow had been forced on him!!!

Stoic Tebow did all the menial chores he was assigned, waiting patiently for the powers that be to notice Sanchez was a complete loser and sit the boy down and send in a real QB. You know, one who had taken his team to the playoffs and won a post-season game. But Ryan – again without the use of anything resembling good eyesight – misread his depth charts and sent in the wrong backup, forgetting the listed backup QB, Tebow, even existed… And I have heard rumors that the coach is actually on medication so he can do just that: forget Tebow exists.

Now the truth will out and it seems no one in the Big Apple actually wanted Tebow in the first place… Who knows who forced the idea on Tannenbaum!! So he was forced onto a team that nobody wanted, except for the fourteen million fans who finally anticipated a playoff berth under the guidance of said same Tebow.

And that’s the tale of two cities: New York (Jekyll) and New York (Hyde). The first has a Manning – not the one who isn’t the last QB to win a playoff game in Denver [if that phrase even makes sense!] – and the second has no QB, no management, no coaching, no responsibility, and no hope of any future. For the moment, at least.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed my little tale.

Personally, I am tired of the Tebow bashers and Tebow haters. I say give the guy a freakin’ chance before you bust his chops.

He surprised even his toughest critics in Denver by stepping in and turning their 2011 season around, getting into the playoffs and beating a team who was supposed to roll over them easily enough. Sure, Tebow didn’t make it all the way to the Super Bowl but there were 30 other teams who didn’t make it either. Cut him a little slack, fer chrissakes!

And people say he was a loser in NY. But when did the guy ever get the chance to show us what he has. Punt blocking? You’d think Tom Brady was a lousy player too if he only came in to punt block and run the wildcat on tough third down situations when everyone (yes, even the opposing teams) knew that Brady was going to get the ball.

They would not do that to Brady, or Manning (either of them), Flacco, Roethlisberger, Kaepernick, or any other QB in the NFL who has already proven his ability to win games. No, not even Sanchez, whose production is still more than a little iffy in that department. Even Romo doesn’t have to punt block or that other stuff.

Blame Ryan, Tannenbaum, Johnson, his Woody, or even Skip Bayless, but stop blaming Tebow for having a lousy year in New York. They never gave him a shot.

Of course, loyal Jets fans will be back next season, regardless of the outcome of this fiasco.

And I am certain Rex Ryan can give them an even bigger and better fiasco next season.

Mile High Shocker

January 15, 2013

Well the Divisional Round of the playoffs is over and next week we have the Conference Championship Games.

The games turned out pretty much as anticipated with the home teams winning in all but one of the contests. And that one was a surprise.

All the analysts over at had picked, unanimously, that the Broncos would have won that game. I guess nobody told the Ravens.

The reffing in the game was no better or worse than the other games I have seen this year except once again I had wished it would have been the replacement refs so the lousy calling could have been excused. But that is such a common gripe this season that is goes almost without saying, except to say it really sucked, as usual.

Still when we went to overtime, I was fully expecting that when the Broncos got their turn that Peyton was going to do the Tebow on the first play and catch D.T. on a crossing route and the guy would take it to the house.

Unfortunately, the play-calling went for the safe and utterly predictable run, which netted a yard, because it was what the Ravens had anticipated.

Things went downhill rapidly from there.

They should have Tebowed.

And they would be playing next week.

Tebow’s brother had a few choice tweets about the lack of the Broncos to be effective in the O.T. Period.

He said it was John Elway’s karma and that the record still stands that the last QB to win a playoff game in Denver was the QB that is not supposed to be a very good, or at least not an NFL-caliber QB, Tim Tebow.

You know, NFL-caliber, like… well, Peyton Manning.

Regardless, Peyton has been in the playoffs practically every year he has played, so I expect him to be back.

Like we are so used to saying here in Redskins country, “there’s always next year”.

What Is It With the Jets?

December 30, 2012

[Yes, yet another useless football-oriented entry… but don’t worry: the season is almost over!]

Sure we know that everyone ♥ New York but is the place becoming the “vacation year” for athletes?

Brett Favre came out of retirement and Green Bay immediately shipped the guy off to the Jets for one year. Then he was traded to Minnesota the next year and took them on a pretty good run into the playoffs.

Now Tim Tebow has gone to the same Jets for – apparently – only one year before being shipped off to who knows where… probably Jacksonville, where he wanted to go in the first place rather than… well, New York, which everyone ♥, by the way.

I know there is not enough data here to make any decent statistical analysis but what is going on here? Is New York the new sabbatical, or is it more of the new “Time Out” corner for slightly bizarre players? (Sure, you want to add “and coaches”… but Ryan has been there for more than a year.)

Maybe it is just some sort of jinx. I mean, two rather exceptional (though much maligned) quarterbacks have both spent their year in purgatory (i.e. New York Jets organization, not the city, which everyone ♥’s) in utter mediocrity before moving on to where they wanted to go in the first place.

Do the Jets just not know how to use talent when they get it or what? I mean, they did pretty good back in the days of Broadway Joe. He was able to take them places…

Ah, but that was in the days before Broadway Rex.

Don’t ya just ♥ New York?

Trying, Dying to Take it Back

November 16, 2012

I saw a very interesting article at,football where Jeff Darlington mentioned some reports in a New York paper by several teammates of Tebow who claim the reason he isn’t playing instead of Sanchez is because the boy is simply “terrible”!

Darlington tweeted: “@JeffDarlington: Hey, Jets players who anonymously ripped Tim Tebow to the NY Daily News today… The Broncos of Aug 2011 called. They want their quotes back.”

Yes, the Bronco fans were really pissed when Tebow arrived in Denver… they would have preferred a “good quarterback”. And let’s face it, Elway was very quick to send the boy up the Hudson River at the end of the season.

But the fans might want to eat those words after they got to ride the Tebow train into the playoffs… and should we say after rolling over the Jets?… nah, let’s play nice. Yes, the mediocre quarterback seemed to be a little bit better than anyone thought he could be.

But let’s get realistic here. Mark Sanchez was taken high in the draft to be THE guy in the Jets organization. And, yes, his early promise seems to have faded a little since then…

Well, maybe a LOT. After all, there are 31 other QB’s in the league rated better. And that would place Sanchez at… hm, let me see… oh, yeah, dead last.

So I can understand why the fans are so upset that Rex Ryan (“he of the rather large mouth”) won’t use Tebow better. And I can understand why the “anonymous teammates” that threw Tebow under the bus want things to stay as they are:

If the quarterback was better – and who could NOT be better than Sanchez? – then the rest of the team would actually have to start performing at something closer to a semblance of a professional level which means they would have to get off their overpaid behinds and do the job the fans expect of them rather than telling those same fans to shut up.

Maybe they forgot who is really paying their salaries – in the long run – just like the ownership of the NFL or the commish himself.

It seems to be some sort of disease creeping through the league and it is spreading its infection everywhere, from the top down.

I don’t know… maybe we should pray on it.

Ready for a little Tebowing?