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Kathy Griffin Just Lost Her Head for a Moment – Get Over It

June 3, 2017

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image of the bloody covfefe

Kathy Griffin’s rather tasteless “beheaded Trump” photo was a poor attempt at humor. Call it a poor decision at the end of a long day or whatever, but it has created quite the maelstrom.

Now her lawyer has gotten into the mix.

Apparently, no one involved knew that such a threat against the President – even in jest – was illegal. But, as Kathy’s lawyer should have known, ignorance of the law is no excuse. I thought even lawyers knew that.

So now the Secret Service is all up in her face and she’s a bit intimidated by it all… “it was just a joke!” she says. And she is, after all, a comedian and sometimes jokes do fall flat.

Now, CNN has fired her from their New Year’s Eve show… like when did CNN even care about what Trump thinks?

So, Ms Griffin has gotten a great amount of press over the past couple of days but I think we should really just move on. She doesn’t need a life sentence for her stunt, a mere slap on the hand should do, shouldn’t it?

Something should also be said about Brad Plumer’s recent NY Times article where he seems reticent to mention the President as anything but “Mister” Trump.

Sure, it’s not as bad as a beheading cartoon but it does continue the divisiveness that has come over the country of late.

“Not My President” has become a sort of rallying cry for the dividers. Strange, but I first came across the phrase where people were trying to distance themselves from the then President, Obama. I objected to it then and I object to it now. If the President of the country is not “your” President, if you would rather show him disrespect, or if you would rather behead him, then kindly leave and join a country where he would NOT be your President.

Otherwise, work to make the country better with what we currently have, learn to work together regardless of party preference (or comedic preference), and perhaps we will get a new leader in a few years… perhaps the one we should have had in 2016: Bernie Sanders.

Until then, stop tilting at windmills. It is too distracting and there is a lot of work to do.

Best Reality Show in Years

April 1, 2016

I have to hand it to The Donald, whoever came up with this newest showcase for his talent is a definite winner.

Imagine: Running for the Presidency! What a divine concept for a reality series. And it’s an audience participation show as well. We all can get involved.

I know there are some detractors who think the candidates should act… well, a little more “presidential” but don’t they know that won’t sell the advertisers’ products?

Tuning into the debate episodes anyone can find something to like: comedy, drama, mystery, and a boatload of sexual innuendo. This script has everything!!

I don’t know if they are continue it through the election and beyond but it has certainly been a riot so far.

I am already thinking of the Emmy going to Trump in the next award season. This guy is the tops and his current role makes his “You’re fired!” pale by comparison.

But I am just not completely certain there is a category for this stuff. Maybe they’ll make one up…

When it comes time to name the running mate, I hope he goes for Bozo the Clown.

Now, wouldn’t that be an awesomely entertaining ticket?