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Windows® Placebo

November 9, 2012

Have you ever come across a problem while running Windows®…

Whoa! Hold on a moment… don’t get off on a rant here… the question was rhetorical and only used in this context to set up my piece. Those rants have a proper time and place, like later and on your own blog.


So, you encounter some “little” problem with Windows® – stay with me – and the program extends the offer to “fix” the problem for you.

And this cute little pop-up window… well, pops up and starts through the process:

And you see the thing start working…

and the little progress bar moves across the block slowly,

pulsing as it moves, spreading inexorably toward the end of the progress bar…

and then maybe starts sliding the green “bubble” across, untethered,

And then the answer flashes on your screen.

And it is never an answer you want because it now implies that you have to call the Geeks Squad or the store where you bought the computer or – a fate worse than DEATH – you’ll have to call the Microsoft help line… even though you really don’t have the four-and-a-half hours to hang on to the phone waiting your turn in line (hearing repeatedly the warning about losing that precious place in line if you should hang up) or you’re on a cell phone and your charger is nowhere to be seen.

But you could have saved yourself the momentary elation that Windows® had given you if you had merely looked at the small message at the lower left of the pop-up window, as seen below.

The “help” was nothing more than a way to appease the furious consumer…

[Please note, this article is meant for humorous purposes only and the screenshots (yes, including the name “WindowsPlacebo”) are fictitious. The entire idea was merely suggested by the many times I have used that pop-up “service” that never resulted in any fix being found. Perhaps you have had a better experience.]

… yeah… right!