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Let’s Move On, Shall We?

January 23, 2015

Okay, we got it. The Patriots and Belichick have cheated again… yada yada.

Let the league fine somebody and let us get back to debating over the fine points of each team going to the Super Bowl.

Because, you and I both know, the league is not going to vacate the win and send the Colts into the big one.

I think the very most they could do was take away the first half of the champioship game when New England was playing with supposedly illegal equipment. Yeah, take away the first half and the Pats still win the game 28 to zip.

Yes, it looks like their little bit of cheating worked real well. It kept them from scoring very much while Indy did score.

And once they took away the Patriots “edge” they really walloped the Colts.

Much ado about nothing except perhaps in the fine print department.

And I love how all the former QBs are weighing in like they never did anything to shift any part of the game in their favor.

Oh, no! Those guys were all as pure as the driven snow whereas Big Bad Brady is devil-incarnate second only to Bigger Badder Belichick.

And Roger Goodell can only shrug and smile, “We’ve even got an inmate in Colorado suing us for eighty-eight billion. Hey, at least everyone’s talking about football!”

Another Season in the Can

January 21, 2013

Well, it’s all over but the Super Bowl and I cannot express how glad I am that this season is over!

We started out with the lousy reffing of the replacements and finally (!) Roger Goodell pressured them to sign a contract and get the regular refs back on the field. We all heaved a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, I cannot see that the reffing got any better. All season long, every game I saw, I was wishing the replacement refs were back on the field. Even in the playoffs, it was so miserable, I was praying they would bring them back.


Simple. With such lousy reffing – and it was as bad as when I played on my junior high team (and that was fifty years ago) – if we only had the replacements still on the field I would understand why it was so piss poor.

With the “professional” refs present, you would expect at least a semi-professionally reffed game. But no such luck.

Missed calls, erroneous calls, too damned many ref huddles where they try to figure out what the heck game they are reffing, or what day of the week it is, or what movies are showing on the local theaters, or something!

So, we can now – or at least after just one more game – put this madness behind us and hope next season will see the return of the true professional refs.

Maybe it’s just that they did not have time at the start of the season to “find their groove”. Maybe those first weeks of preseason would have been enough to help these poor guys get into the swing of it.

And, as it turned out, they missed that vital breaking-in period and seemed a little off-kilter, a little out of touch, slightly unbalanced all season long.

I just hope with the off-season that they can regroup and give us a much better season that the one they just finished.

Yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to complain about the reffing… if you’re an NFL coach, that is, and I am not one of those.

My old high school coach said “the refs can’t beat you”… but I don’t think he saw anything as lousy as this year’s reffing.

Start to finish, it was one for the record books.

And like the fans of all the losing teams say: “Hey, there’s always next year.”

Even for the refs.


January 8, 2013

A lot of the fans here in “Redskins Nation” are disappointed and upset by the season-ending playoff game against the Seahawks.

I am not.

Normally, at least for most of the last decade, we Redskins fans would start looking forward with “maybe next year” around week eight or nine of the season. This year we witnessed a seven-game winning streak that gave our team the division and a playoff berth.

Yes, it is always disappointing when your team loses but, let’s face it, only one team is going to play from here out without a defeat and they will be crowned Super Bowl Champions. Everybody else is going to go home a loser. No matter how good the team.

So, while the way the game turned out may have been a bit of a heartbreak, the fact that RG3 led the team into the playoffs at all is exceptional.

The only disappointment I have is that the football season – as in every other year – is drawing to a close, and I will have to wait eight months to see any more.

Oh, well.

At least it will give RG3 plenty of time to recuperate and prepare for the next “run to glory”.

And we will play as the defending Divisional Champs.

The fans should relish that for the moment.

So, just wait til next year…

Democracy in Action

January 24, 2012

In case there are some readers here not familiar with the precise operation of democracy as used in the American framework, I will give a short example from a real set of events.

In the last decade of the twentieth century, there was a movement to create a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. It was to be called “Civil Rights Day” but was to coincide with Dr. King’s birthday, thus calling it Civil Rights Day though everyone would call it Martin Luther King Day in order to avoid any confusion.

Most states simply submitted the bill for the holiday to their state legislatures and it was passed, usually by voice vote acclamation.

In Arizona, however, the process occurred a little differently: it was put on the ballot and offered up to the populace to vote on it.

On election night, the results were coming in and they looked favorable to the backers of the bill. One gentleman from the NAACP was interviewed around 11 p.m. that evening when the votes were 2 to 1 in favor of the holiday and he said the voice of the people had spoken. The reporter tasked him to pronounce his view if something would happen and the bill was defeated.

The gentleman turned to look at the tally board and said, “I think this vote will decide the issue once and for all, and all sides will simply have to live with it.”

A very magnanimous gesture, I assure you. But a gesture was all it seemed to be because around 2 a.m. the numbers grew uncomfortably close and by 3 a.m. the “nays” pulled ahead, getting further ahead with each passing minute.

The gentleman from the NAACP was interviewed again at this point and he was extremely hot under the color. “We will fight back on this, I assure you. We will come back again and again until this measure passes.”

So, Democracy in this man’s mind was that the will of the people should prevail, as long as they were in agreement with him. Otherwise he would do anything he could to get the measure passed.

And that, in a nutshell, is what democracy is all about.

Of course, over the next few weeks, the people of Arizona also learned what Democracy was about when the organizations planning conventions in the state began canceling because of the vote.

The NFL even canceled the Super Bowl scheduled in Arizona that year because of the vote.

Needless to say, Arizona saw the error of their ways and very democratically passed the bill in the next election.

Of course, the NFL offices themselves did not celebrate the Martin Luther King Day because the holiday celebration was so close to the aforementioned Super Bowl that they were far to busy to honor Martin Luther King Day. Well, that is, except to break contracts with others made in good faith, who might also choose to work on M.L.K. Day.

Isn’t Democracy a marvel!?

And, in case anyone was wondering, yes, I did vote for the MLK holiday the first time around.

But before anyone starts thinking I am that idealistic, I would have as quickly voted for a Benjamin Banneker Day, Frederick Douglass Day, Thomas Jefferson Day, Benjamin Franklin Day, or even a Mickey Mouse Day.

(I’m never one to turn down any sort of Federally-mandated holiday.)

Another Football Season Ends

January 11, 2012

(this was a short thing I wrote at the end on last season… funny, it STILL mostly applies today at the end of this season)

Like most fans around the country, I was hopeful at the start of the season but very quickly realized it was another year to say “maybe next year”.

Unlike most seasons in the recent past, there were not a lot of undefeated teams past mid-season. It was such a strange season that even a team with a losing record actually won their division. (Remember, this was last year this happened. This year only won team got in with an 8-8 record… Tim Tebow’s team, and ’nuff said about that!)

I live in the D.C. Metropolitan area and so am a Redskins fan. Yeah, one of those.

Since Daniel Snyder purchased the team, the playoff berths here have been pretty meager. He was raised in the area and is a long-time fan of the Redskins himself. His desire to bring the team back to the glory days has been a little wide of the mark.

First off, he thinks you can buy a winning team. Several times now, he has shelled out the big bucks to bring in all the high ticket players to get on that fast track to a Super Bowl.

Ring-envy is not a pretty sight.

Needless to say, it has not worked out well. Having been involved in team sports when I was younger, I know first hand that it is not really about the caliber or quality of the players that makes a winning team. It is not just having a great coach, either, as Snyder is learning as well (I hope).

It is a team sport and there is some very undefinable “something” that brings a group of people together and allows them to function as one.

The best football team in history (the undefeated Miami Dolphins) were not populated with the big-name players of football history. What they had, instead, was a great team. It is not something you can purchase or detect at the combine. It is only something you can hope for.

One thing Mister Snyder could do that would help is to stop buying big name players (like Albert Haynesworth) and start valuing the lesser lights on the squad. Allow they to step up to the task. If the roster were peopled by players of that stripe, you would have a winning team.

Paying a few special players the really big bucks draws energy away from the TEAM.

And we suffered through two years of Coach Zorn (it’s not that he was so awful, it’s just that Snyder was filling the position until he could get his choice… and so never did much to support the two-year period of Zorn’s position) to bring in the really great coach: Shanahan.

Funny, I thought he meant Mike Shanahan, but it turned out to be Kyle who’s in charge. Oh, sure, they set it up to look like it’s Mike who’s in charge but it obviously ain’t so!

When McNabb was benched earlier in the season, Mike came out and gave his reasons… then back-pedaled and gave different reasons… then Kyle came out and gave different reasons and his Dad agreed.

At the end of the season, the Shanahananigans got even more obtuse. Mike was spinning his wheels for reasons until Kyle just came out and said that he did not like McNabb and was not going to use him!!

At least, Mike didn’t have to come up with three competing answers this time but it became dreadfully obvious who is actually running the team.

Kyle worked with Grossman at Houston and wants to put him in a prominent place in Washington. So, they worked Grossman out for the final few games of the season and I was thoroughly underwhelmed.

If Grossman had been using that as a display of his worth to the team, it was not a very good showing. He’s streaky like Jeff George… and a few years ago we had a dynamite offense under Brad Johnson but Snyder wanted his dream QB: Jeff George. The Redskins tanked and Brad Johnson went to Tampa Bay and took them to a win in the Super Bowl.

And if Kyle is thinking this display puts him on the “fast track” to a head-coaching position, I think he’s done a really good job…

That is, if any team is looking for a spoiled brat to run their team. If so, he’s a perfect fit.

Hm, maybe if Jeff Fisher ever leaves Tennessee they can call Kyle and replace one spoiled brat with another.

Fisher did the same thing with Vince Young that Kyle did with McNabb: I don’t like him and I’m not going to play with him! Yeah, that sounds real professional, huh? Why are they paying these guys so much money? To skate to the championships?

I just hope he leaves soon so Washington can find a real coach.

And they talk about players being prima donnas…

That was the end of last year’s article and I can’t say it is much different this year except we have no McNabb to kick around anymore or blame for the offensive troubles. And Kyle’s choice of savior, Grossman, was as streaky as ever. You don’t get a final mark of 5-11 on the season with a decent QB.

But there IS light at the end of the tunnel. There are now younger players populating the squad and it would seem that Shanahan might actually be given the chance to grow a team. That is Mike Shanahan, not his son. Perhaps he and Grossman can go somewhere else next year. Hopefully, the same place the now unemployed Jeff Fisher winds up.