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Yes, Goodell is THE Man… with a pie-face

July 16, 2016

Roger Goodell has won the long tug-of-war with Tom Brady.

Most people are saying it is the final chapter of Deflategate but this has really stopped being about that comedy some time ago.

Goodell wanted to show that he had the muscles to flex and, like some schoolyard bully, was not going to stop coming after Brady until he got his way. Yes, he has proven that the Collective Bargaining Agreement had indeed given him the power to act so cavalier and petulant.

And the best part: he has insured that he will never get that sort of power again. In the next iteration of the CBA you can be certain he will have blown his wad on this innocuous little trifling matter.

Can anyone say “imbecile”?

That sort of power should have been used for something materially more valuable than swagger and stroking his ego. Exactly what, I don’t know but something bigger than trying to humble the MVP still in the league since the turn of this century.

As a fan, I am no fan of RG. (RG3, yes, RG, no!)

And speaking of RG3, Brady’s first game this coming season will be against the former Redskin.

I’m just sorry I won’t see him in the first four weeks.

Thanks for nothing Roger… go roger yourself in private next time.

Another PR Fiasco? Au Contraire!

May 12, 2015

I would be sadly remiss as a football fan if I did not weigh in on “deflategate”, as the multi-faceted fiasco is being called.

Brady-haters are cheering the comish for knocking the fellow down a few pegs even if he did stop short of reversing the Super Bowl win. They think the punishment is a good start for treating Brady.

On the other hand, the Patriot faithful are howling at the grave injustice of it all, especially since the Wells Report contained absolutely no evidence of wrong-doing. They claim Brady is being railroaded.

The majority of the press corps is talking about the adjudication by Goodell is not about the present case but includes all the former shenanigans the Patriots have pulled over the years. In short he is trying to stop the arrogance of the Belichick way of doing things.

Well, at least they are right in one respect, I think. This is all about the past.

No, not the past missteps of the Patriots organization… if I recall correctly, they have been penalized for every one of those things previously. They are being penalized for the missteps of one Roger Goodell, and all the disciplinary missteps he has made over the past season or so.

Goodell claims that the “deflategate” mess, that he claims (without any evidence) was created by the Patriots and as such besmirches the great name of the NFL. They, he crows, have tarnished the legacy… yada yada yada.

Perhaps he is most upset that they have infringed on his territory as “tarnishing the legacy of the NFL” has been mostly in his bailiwick for the past couple of years. And, if I might add, he has done an exemplary job of mucking things up.

So all the Brady-haters can gloat – who cares? the guy will be in the Hall of Fame as soon as he’s eligible – and all the Patriotic folks can rail – the penalties will probably be overturned by an impartial panel, just like all the other proclamations on high by the Comish – because it all comes together to serve the MAJOR pirpose behind what Goodell really does extremely well:

It keeps the NFL in the news, center stage, being talked about. And, all things being equal, that’s really what is most important to Goodell, Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, all the other owners and all the other players.

The NFL is front and center in the news, in chats around the water cooler, and on a billion-and-one blogs (though this one might be the billion-and-second).

Everybody’s talking about the matter. Which means (of course!) that everyone cares.


Thanks again, Roger. You’re doing a marvelous job. (And there’ll be a little something extra in your next paycheck. [wink])

Let’s Move On, Shall We?

January 23, 2015

Okay, we got it. The Patriots and Belichick have cheated again… yada yada.

Let the league fine somebody and let us get back to debating over the fine points of each team going to the Super Bowl.

Because, you and I both know, the league is not going to vacate the win and send the Colts into the big one.

I think the very most they could do was take away the first half of the champioship game when New England was playing with supposedly illegal equipment. Yeah, take away the first half and the Pats still win the game 28 to zip.

Yes, it looks like their little bit of cheating worked real well. It kept them from scoring very much while Indy did score.

And once they took away the Patriots “edge” they really walloped the Colts.

Much ado about nothing except perhaps in the fine print department.

And I love how all the former QBs are weighing in like they never did anything to shift any part of the game in their favor.

Oh, no! Those guys were all as pure as the driven snow whereas Big Bad Brady is devil-incarnate second only to Bigger Badder Belichick.

And Roger Goodell can only shrug and smile, “We’ve even got an inmate in Colorado suing us for eighty-eight billion. Hey, at least everyone’s talking about football!”

Roger… Over and Out

September 10, 2014

There are a bunch of people calling for Goodell’s head after the most recent fiasco in the NFL. But these people seem to forget what his job is over there.

PR, pure and simple. If anything comes along that makes the NFL “look” bad, Roger is all over it like white on rice… or something. He is not some Supreme Justice handing down balanced opinions and punishments for students to pore over in posterity, he is making the NFL LOOK caring, concerned, responsible.

It seems some people have lost the idea that this is really nothing but a sport and the NFL just another tax-free multi-billion dollar corporation. When was the last time you heard about a corporation really caring for “people”?

The Commish hears cases of violence in the game and passes out judgments like lollipops to the kids getting their first haircut. Each may be a different color but for some strange reason they all taste exactly the same, you know?

His decisions are not the golden benchmarks of jurisprudence some people seem to think they are.

Violent hits are frowned on – and fined – because of previous lawsuits. Drug abuse is frowned on – and fined – because of previous lawsuits.

Then along comes a case of domestic violence. Hey, that sort of thing happens and its not pleasant but – hey! – its really no one’s business, is it?

Except that it was a big-name player and a black-eye for the league. So, Roger and his assistants looked through their papers and found not very much in legal actions against the league for this sort of thing. Still, it reflects badly on the league that they cannot somehow keep the violent nature of their players curtailed to the confines of the playing field. So, Roger simply had to do something to keep that hint of tarnish off the NFL shield.

Did they see the tape? Who cares?! They certainly didn’t care anything more about the situation whether they saw the tape or not.

Their only concern – and most especially, Roger’s – was to make it appear that the NFL cared. That was all this is about.

Do those billionaires really care that a man whalloped his wife in a casino elevator after both had reached their alcohol-tolerance limits? Heck no!

There have been other tales over the years of players doing the same thing – even with some of the battered wives pressing charges – but it never had interfered with the business of football. The league figured it was handled properly.

But times have changed and it would seem that the public did not react as Roger figured. Maybe it was TMZ’s fault or maybe his own but he wound up with something akin to egg on his face.

Now, people are calling for Roger’s head.

That is an overreaction. That is not understanding his role. People are acting like he’s had a fall from Grace or something. He was never “up there” to begin with. He’s just a CEO.

The overreaction – in my opinion – is what has happened to Rice.

Many people over the years have had to learn to deal with anger issues. There are treatment centers, programs, councillors. Ray can get some help in this. But to ban him FOR LIFE seems a bit harsh. Even killers seem to get lighter sentences these days.

First Roger underreacted to the case and now he has overreacted. People are screaming for his removal.

But I am sure there are clinics to help him through this as well.

Another Season in the Can

January 21, 2013

Well, it’s all over but the Super Bowl and I cannot express how glad I am that this season is over!

We started out with the lousy reffing of the replacements and finally (!) Roger Goodell pressured them to sign a contract and get the regular refs back on the field. We all heaved a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, I cannot see that the reffing got any better. All season long, every game I saw, I was wishing the replacement refs were back on the field. Even in the playoffs, it was so miserable, I was praying they would bring them back.


Simple. With such lousy reffing – and it was as bad as when I played on my junior high team (and that was fifty years ago) – if we only had the replacements still on the field I would understand why it was so piss poor.

With the “professional” refs present, you would expect at least a semi-professionally reffed game. But no such luck.

Missed calls, erroneous calls, too damned many ref huddles where they try to figure out what the heck game they are reffing, or what day of the week it is, or what movies are showing on the local theaters, or something!

So, we can now – or at least after just one more game – put this madness behind us and hope next season will see the return of the true professional refs.

Maybe it’s just that they did not have time at the start of the season to “find their groove”. Maybe those first weeks of preseason would have been enough to help these poor guys get into the swing of it.

And, as it turned out, they missed that vital breaking-in period and seemed a little off-kilter, a little out of touch, slightly unbalanced all season long.

I just hope with the off-season that they can regroup and give us a much better season that the one they just finished.

Yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to complain about the reffing… if you’re an NFL coach, that is, and I am not one of those.

My old high school coach said “the refs can’t beat you”… but I don’t think he saw anything as lousy as this year’s reffing.

Start to finish, it was one for the record books.

And like the fans of all the losing teams say: “Hey, there’s always next year.”

Even for the refs.

Now Where’d the Replacement Refs Go When We Needed Them?

November 5, 2012

Since the return of the “professional” referees to the NFL games, I have seen some behaviors and calls that seem to show the long shadow of the replacement refs we had to start the season.

The Pittsburgh – New York game yesterday had quite a few “questionable” calls… No, I can’t say that. “Questionable” means that given the benefit of the doubt, you could call them right. These calls were just plain wrong. And even with the benefit of going “under the hood” and seeing the play again in slo-mo from multiple angles, they still got it wrong.

It was so bad that many comments on implied that it appeared obvious to many that Goodell had “fixed” the game. Well, he did have a meeting earlier in the week with the owners of the Giants… nah!

I don’t think it was an attempt to “fix” the game as I am certain the refs could have gotten even worse if they had really been trying to insure a Giants victory.

But even without Goodell’s collusion, the game was not called very well.

The game with the Redskins and Carolina did not fare any better, though their officiating crew seem to be cut from the same cloth. It was so bad that on one call, with the Carolina player racing down the sideline, the side judge blew the whistle – apparently thinking the player had stepped out of bounds.

Now, we have been told for years that the whistle ends the play, regardless of what went on before, after, or during. A multitude of officiating sins over the years have been wiped aside because of this all important factor.

So, when the whistle blew, most the players stopped the action, except the player running down the sideline. Nobody stopped him – hey, the play was whistled “over”, you know? – and he ran for a touchdown. And, yes, it was then “called” a touchdown.

When did the magic whistle come to mean so little? (And why haven’t I seen the memo?)

The real refs returned after a truly miserable Monday Night Football game and looked a little rusty the first week back. But rather that getting better, they looked rustier the next week. This weekend, they looked even worse.

I don’t think Goodell is using his zombie zebra army to fix any games or to stack the playoff deck, but it certainly seems to be more of the continuing stench from earlier in the season.

Can it be that the replacement refs and these guys are really one any the same? Can it be that the replacement refs never really left us because they are still here in the real zebra outfits?

But that makes even less sense than the game-fixing conspiracy theory and a bit more decidedly south of weird for my taste.

Still, it makes you wonder how badly the replacements could have done in these games. And I cannot believe they could have been any worse than what we got.

All things being equal, what if…?

March 22, 2012

Now that the bounty scandal is exposed and the guilty parties have been handed their suspensions, one can only wonder if the next – seemingly obvious – step will be taken.

After all, the sources show that the Saints’ bounty system hit its peak in the year they won the Super Bowl with especial regard to the hits leveled against Bret Favre and Kurt Warner. Who’s to say that their bounties did not, ultimately, get them into the big game and brought them out as the winners?

And we all remember what happened to the Heisman Trophy which Reggie Bush had won, after certain irregularities came to the surface.

They recanted the award.

College sports often see this happening: a team wins through means that are a shade different than what is considered fair and their championships are negated.

The NFL has never done such a thing but it would seem to be the rather obvious outcome from the breadth and depth of the bounty scandal. It seems obvious that it led to their Super Bowl victory.

The Saints’ organization and their fan-base are already reeling from the justice already dispensed. What if the record books were changed to read: “Super Bowl XLIV – no winner”.

Perhaps it would be best way to send a very strong message to “professionals” in the NFL ranks for the future, let them know that cheaters – of whatever stripe – will not be rewarded with the Lombardi trophy.

I think Vince Lombardi would prefer it that way.