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Unapologetic, with a Vengeance

July 11, 2020

In a June 23, 2017, posting “Let’s Stop All These Apologies!!” I said:

“If these unthinking people would just for a split second remember that they are dealing with real human beings…

“But that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it?”

I have recently come to the conclusion that the statement is a monstrous understatement.

The “unthinking people” do not think they are dealing with “real human beings”.

No, from what I have seen lately, the radical and violent left as well as the even marginally left-leaning left do not consider conservatives to be anything near “human”. They consider us sub-humans.

Seeing the leaders of Antifa and Black Lives Matter on television is frightening. These people most certainly want to destroy the right, the Constitution, and the country.

NOT an opinion. They said it precisely in those words.

Ilhan Omar has publicly stated that the system should be demolished; not altered or corrected… shredded.

A Seattle city councilor says they need to remove the Constitution and make this a socialist country.

They are actively advocating what the Weathermen wanted in the 60’s when they were bombing government buildings:

Re-education camps in the southwest to filter out those who will not accept their radical socialist ideas.

And if there are those who cannot be “re-educated”? Extermination, of course! (Their words, not mine!)

How can anyone think these radicals are rational human beings?

This is a free country and that is good for them. If they were living in a socialist paradise like the one they want to form, the armed forces would have already been dispatched to shoot the “protesters” in the streets.

They want to create a society – like Communist China – where their preferred method of protest would be met with brutal violence as we see in Hong Kong.

THAT is the type of society these insane people are fighting for?

If America was as bad as they claim, where are the totalitarian armies to crush their protests?

Where are the body bags for the dissenters?

Where are the round-ups and one-way tickets to the gulags and prisoner camps?

There is none of that because this is America.

And we will only have that sort of country… if they win their little revolution.

You have been warned.

Be very warned.

Not Your President? There’s the Door…

November 10, 2016

I read this morning that there was a lot of protesting being done over Trump’s victory. Apparently, the violence of the Trump supporters is now being revisited on us by those who, well, opposed that… you know, that same sort of violence.

Makes sense, I guess… somewhere…

Anyway, the most common phrase at these grudge-rallies was “He’s not my president.”

Now, I may not be a genius when it comes to Constitutional Law but I thought that was the point of the election: to name OUR president. It’s not like the portion of the country that voted for the other guy/gal gets to secede and by lorded over by the loser. The elected president is the president for the whole enchilada.

So, for Trump not to be “your” president, you either: 1- reside in a foreign country and your vote doesn’t make a bit of difference, or 2- you are presently deceased, in which case it shouldn’t matter one whit because you have others things weighing more heavily on your soul.

I understand people being upset by their side losing – hey! I’ve visited Civil War forums before – and the most common phrase bantered around is “You lost, Get Over It!” And that phrase seems to apply in this situation as well.

Many think it is a travesty that Hillary got more Popular Votes than Trump but it is not like that’s the first time that’s happened in our history. I believe it also happened as recently in 2000 when Gore had more of the popular vote.

We have had worse trials in our country than what most are fearing from Trump. We had Millard Fillmore for president… and survived. We had Teapot Dome Scandal… and we still survived. Heck, we even survived missing the Olympics in Moscow!

Do not break the system because you didn’t get what you wanted. That is childish; you can’t just take your toys and go home. This is America and the system put in place will still work even with a bad President (anyone remember Nixon?) or a horrible President.

And rest assured that four years from now you will have the opportunity to once again vote for the candidate of your choice.

Unless, of course, you’re a foreigner or deceased and Trump really isn’t your president anyway.