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Yes, Goodell is THE Man… with a pie-face

July 16, 2016

Roger Goodell has won the long tug-of-war with Tom Brady.

Most people are saying it is the final chapter of Deflategate but this has really stopped being about that comedy some time ago.

Goodell wanted to show that he had the muscles to flex and, like some schoolyard bully, was not going to stop coming after Brady until he got his way. Yes, he has proven that the Collective Bargaining Agreement had indeed given him the power to act so cavalier and petulant.

And the best part: he has insured that he will never get that sort of power again. In the next iteration of the CBA you can be certain he will have blown his wad on this innocuous little trifling matter.

Can anyone say “imbecile”?

That sort of power should have been used for something materially more valuable than swagger and stroking his ego. Exactly what, I don’t know but something bigger than trying to humble the MVP still in the league since the turn of this century.

As a fan, I am no fan of RG. (RG3, yes, RG, no!)

And speaking of RG3, Brady’s first game this coming season will be against the former Redskin.

I’m just sorry I won’t see him in the first four weeks.

Thanks for nothing Roger… go roger yourself in private next time.

Lies, Stabs, and Videotape

September 1, 2015

I have spoken previously of Gruden’s rather transparency – actions speak so much louder than words – and the shenanigans at Redskins Park continuing even after the Shanahanigans have gone.

A couple of weeks ago, RG3 made headlines with his quote about being the best quarterback in football.

The news mavens were all over that statement like white on rice. Many ran with it while others, more circumspect, did not take it out of the context in which it was said but complained about Robert not learning how to talk to reporters and allow such misquoting to go on. It’s Robert’s fault for all the scorn heaped on him, they claimed.

Seems like the fellow is damned if he don’t, huh? If he didn’t talk to the press they’d have a field day over that as well, claiming he was a prima dona or a Marshawn Lynch. If he speaks with a positive spin, they chide him for that. The guy can’t win.

What’s really funny, when I read the full quote, I was struck by a phrase he used a little earlier in the statement: about all the back-stabbing that goes on in the business.

A really sharp reporter – and there seem to be so few of them covering sports – would have followed up on that comment.

No one did.

Now, it seems a little too obvious what he meant.

This morning we were greeted with the news about yet “another RG3 misstep”, supposedly. An instagram by one xtramambosauce, ranting about the antics of the owner and coaches in this situation and placing the blame entirely on them. One of the persons who “liked” the post was RG3.

Very quickly the “like” was removed and RG3 had to explain that it was a media intern who had liked it, not himself.

Now why would a media intern working for the Redskins organization go out of his way to like a post knocking the owner… you know, biting the hand that feeds him?

Unless, or course, someone like the coach ordered him to do so…

Griffin did mention something about “backstabbing”.

After reading the rant, I thought why would this fellow include Snyder as one of the RG3 haters – wasn’t he the one supposedly in the QBs corner against the coach?

Then I recalled the amazement with which Gruden’s hiring was met over a year ago. Why would Snyder hire a man who was not “hooked on” Griffin if the man was slated to be the QB for the future?

It didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Now it does.


It seems what we know coming out of the organization is nothing more than spin. It certainly does make trying to understand what’s going on a little more difficult.

Seems everyone is just lying.

Oh, and backstabbing.

Another Inconvenient Truth

September 1, 2015

Ooops! Gruden spilled the beans.

“It’s a good problem to have, to have three quarterbacks who are competing.”

Seems strange, doesn’t it? Since February – yes, seven months’ worth – Gruden has been telling us that there is no QB competition: RG3 is the starter. Now, suddenly, we discover there has been a competition…

Actually, there hasn’t been one. Gruden did not want RG3 to begin with but if you are working for an owner who wants RG3 so adamantly, and you want to keep your job, what do you do? Obviously, you have to mouth the party line and try every trick at your disposal to sabotage the situation.

Yes, Gruden “wanted” RG3 but… well, shucks, seems like it was not to be… act of God and all that.

Yeah, like a guy who ties his victim to the railroad tracks and says the train running him over was just an act of God, right?

I am not exactly sure how the Creator of the Universe likes being hung with the rap on this one but I think it belongs completely on the shoulders of the spineless coach.

Any coach who would send a star player out to get injured in a preseason game behind a second-string porous defensive line just so they did not have to deal with the fellow is not a person worthy of any respect in my book. I have already seen this “coaching” gimmick used by Rex Ryan, Jeff Fisher, Steve Spurrier, Greg Williams, and more. Gruden is, sadly, not in a class by himself.

And some of these coaches think they are doing what is “best”… for the team or for their paycheck, either way it is still an under-handed way to remove the thorn in your side.

“I have nothing against Robert, I like Robert as a quarterback, there’s no doubt about it,” Gruden said. “His future with the Washington Redskins is what it is. There have been no discussions of letting him go or any of that stuff.”

And there you have it. It “is what it is“, understated prophecy from the all-seeing Gruden, and not “any of that stuff” (whatever the hell that means) in that all-seen future.

I don’t know why anyone hangs on this fellow’s every word. I have not heard any truth pass his lips yet.

But I guess that falls under the “is what it is” tag.

To Err is All Too Human

May 2, 2015

Well, after my recent quasi-apology to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Fairfax County, I thought I should get this one off my chest as well.

Seems I had RG3 and Coach Gruden all wrong. I had thought – silly me – that RG wanted to play the game like he did in the first year when he was dynamite, explosive, tantalizing. I thought he was being saddled with this idea of being a pocket passer and I thought ill of Coach Gruden for forcing the issue.

Then came an interview with Mike Shanahan, the former coach of the Redskins. He was talking about the falling out he had with RG3 and the reason was… are you ready for this?… being a pocket passer.

Yes, RG3 saw how Shanahan had changed up the play calling when his backup played and RG said he wanted those plays as well but when he returned to the lineup, it was with the earlier playbook he had used previously. Yes, he wanted to be a pocket passer and Shanahan wouldn’t let him.

So it looks like I was wrong.

Sometimes it seems like you know what you know but it’s not what you know, you know?

And I’m glad we’ve cleared up that little bit.

Now that he wants to be a pocket-passer and Gruden wants a pocket-passer, it makes it easy to see why they’ve picked up the option on his contract.

* * *

But, for some reason… call me crazy here, but I think there is still something we are missing from the equation. Why is Gruden calling in so many backup QBs?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the season to see where this is all going to go… or going to go wrong, again, as usual.

That’s me, always the optimist.

Group Hug Time

December 24, 2014



Apparently, Jay Gruden is really the good guy in this scenario.

Yes, his words were “harsh” but “true”, his comments were all “twisted horribly” by the media. Which, I assume, would include myself and a few other bloggers who seemed to think he was saying one thing when it should have been nuanced another.

Apparently his trashing of RG3’s mechanics and work-ethic was really nothing more than a “tough love” approach to help the poor man improve.

That reminds me of people who can be so caustic in their remarks and then defend what they are saying as “being honest” as if their opinion is somehow to be considered “truth” and others’ opinions aren’t.

But the season is wrapping up – suitable, I suppose for this season – and will be sealed with a great big colorful bow to be placed under Snyder’s Christmas tree, labeled “a lump of coal”. Yes, everyone has buried the hatchet (the one without the blood-stains) and come together as one big happy family.

Photo op beside the tree, they all smile merrily and embrace – as one – as if the debacle of 2014 never happened.

And the fans, as usual, just shrug and smile weakly as if to say “Just Wait Until Next Year.”

At least we can all end the season in the same frame of mind.



Me and Santana

December 19, 2014

I was not ejected.

No, and no one even threw a flag in my direction.

And I have seen the replay many times, trying to understand where Jeff Triplette is coming from.

I understand that a fumble will have to be completely “controlled” by the player before going out of bounds. Yeah, I got that.

And I understand that a receiver must control the ball “through the process” of going to the ground. Yeah, I got that.

The part I am having trouble wrapping my mind around is how any of that applies to the touchdown scored by RG3 at the end of the first half against the Giants

First off, I don’t think he “fumbled” the ball. He bobbled it a bit after the contact but he had regained control of it before he broke the plane of the end zone.

I know if a passer catches the ball in the end zone, he has to complete the process, but how does a runner going into the end zone need to complete any “process”.

Many times runners have had to switch hands – sometimes even bobbling it a bit in the process – but when a runner is in control of the ball and breaks the plane, it’s a touchdown.

It is not as if Robert had let the ball hit the ground or was losing control as he dove into the end zone. He had it in control and the ground made the fumble… which, if I recall correctly, the ground cannot do.

If, on the other hand, this was a correct call, then I am probably more pissed than Santana.

And maybe I should be ejected.

Looking for Scores? Wait for it…

December 18, 2014

Here it is, Wednesday evening, and I opened up to check all the scores from last weeks’ games.

From the main page, I clicked the link labeled “SCORES”. Should do the trick, right?

Oh, if only it was so easy!!

The page it took me to was one that displayed brightly at the top “WEEK 16”.

Only problem, that is the week that is yet to come.

It hasn’t happened yet.

It starts tomorrow night with the game with Tennessee at Jacksonville.

But that game has not happened yet so naturally there are NO scores.

If I had wanted to see a lack of scores I would have clicked that link… well, if there was one.

If I had only wanted to know which games were upcoming, I wouldn’t even have had to click anything as that data is on a banner across the top of the homepage.

Maybe I’m being a bit too nit-picky here but shouldn’t the link for scores actually take you to some scores?


But maybe I’m just a little tired after my long day at work.

And isn’t nit-picky what this blog is all about?

That should not be misconstrued… like Jay Gruden claims his comments about RG3 are. He whined and said his words were being twisted. He really harbors no ill will for the fellow and just wants him to become a better quarterback.

Well, Jay, I don’t have to twist your words to know how badly RG3 played in the second half against the Giants after you had your little “pep talk” with him.

Actions speak louder than words, you know.

And you can’t complain anybody “twisted” them.


December 11, 2014

A nice article (at summed up the problem in Washington very nicely.

Jon Gruden was talking about the “mess in Washington” – and he wasn’t talking about the dysfunctional Congress we have – but the Redskins football team.

Michael David Smith even hints that the leaks from “inside sources” may even be from this same familial pipeline. Yes, Jay complains to brother Jon about his woes and seeks advice… Then somebody mentions it to the media… but I ain’t sayin’ who does this, of course… though his initials are probably JG.

Anyway, the tribe Grudenois is letting it be known that the problem with the Redskins is RG3 and that there is “no way” the Coach can work with the fellow.

We heard rumors that his mechanics were crappy… then QB guru Sean Hill goes over the film and asks “where?”

We hear rumors that RG3 has “lost the locker room”… but those fellows don’t seem to play any better for Kirk or Cort either.

It seems all these rumors coming out of Redskins Park support the claims of the illustrious novice Head Coach.

Ain’t he a marvel?

Okay, so I’ll put this out there:

All these rumors are from Head Coach Gruden himself to bolster his position against Snyder. “Ya see, Danny boy, everyone seems to agree with me.”

And the one who has “lost the locker room” is Coach Gruden himself, otherwise the team would be a cohesive whole standing shoulder to shoulder with their coach, the game plans, the scheme, and so forth. Since all we see is a professional sports franchise in meltdown, I would say the problem starts at the top.

And this time, it doesn’t seem to be emanating from Snyder.

This stench has JG written all over it. I mean, really, how many coaches in the history of the league have publicly trashed the starting QB?

One would also get the impression that the team would rather be doing something else, like getting behind the franchise QB and putting together a system – behind the superstar – and win some games.

Unfortunately, the players are professionals who know well enough to keep their opinions to themselves.

One can only wish that Jay knew as much, huh?

Gruden Follies of 2014 Continue

December 10, 2014

Saw an interesting article recently about RG3 and his supposed lousy mechanics. (You know, the game that Chris Cooley dissected to show how bad Robert was in his development.)

Sean Hill, a quarterbacks trainer and QB guru looked at the game film expecting to see a train wreck but came away with a different take. Not too surprising to me as it was what I got from watching the game as well. Griffin executed well and his fundamentals were in good shape – funny that Gruden seems to have missed it, huh? but what would you expect from a novice – but what really bothered him was a porous offensive line.

Many say he should learn to trust the O-line but I think you first have to see something trustworthy. It reminded me so much of the beating Patrick Ramsey had gone through with his O-line – especially the supposedly great Chris Samuels – allowing him to get pummeled on every stinking play from scrimmage.

Now, the fans are relieved to know that Griffin will be starting against New York in the upcoming game. People are relieved that Gruden has finally “got it right”. but I am not so easily convinced.

Sure, Robert is starting but with Gruden’s itchy finger, he could very easily pull him and throw Cousins in. The problem, as I see it, is not that Griffen gets the nod, it’s that the game plan is still going to be Gruden all the way. And expecting the QB to suddenly become a pocket-passer without a suitable offensive line…

It just seems a little offensive to me.

Perhaps if Robert conspired with his teammates to play his sort of game instead of Gruden’s…

But that ain’t gonna happen is it?

No, these people are all professionals.

Coaching ‘Em Up

November 18, 2014

Jay Gruden shocked the football world when he came out and “trashed” his quarterback in public.

Peter King’s column took up the case and said Griffin III has to be tried and tested very thoroughly the last six games of the seaon to determine if he is going to stay a Redskin.

Both of these gentlemen seem to be overlooking the obvious: RG3 is a dynamic athlete that has played well in the past when playing HIS brand of football.

Gruden’s complaints were very explicit in his saying RG3 missed the number of steps each drop should have entailed. Yes, it is obvious Gruden wants to make Griffin into a pocket passer… you know, like Kirk Cousins. Hey, Gruden, tell me again how well that worked for you and Cousins, huh?

But Gruden’s desires are not new. He stated in his very first news conference that he uses a scheme that requires a good pocket passer.

So, why didn’t he go to a team that already had a good pocket passer? Duh!

Instead he comes to DC and apparently those in command of the organization (owner Snyder and GM Allen) were made aware of Gruden’s taste and plans before hiring the guy. So they all seem to be on board with the idea of forcing RG3 into becoming a pocket passer.

And I thought some of these people actually knew something about football!! (Not Snyder, of course, but he’s just the owner and doesn’t need to know.)

It is almost as if these guys went down to a car lot to find a vehicle to haul wood around and they come home with a Mazerati, hitch up their trailer to it, and start carting wood. How long do you think the car is going to last under those conditions?

As I have mentioned before about the case of Lavar Arrington, the team took an absolutely dynamite player who led the team in tackles his first year and then benched him under the new defensive coordinator because the fellow could not learn “the scheme” put in by Greg Williams (remember him, huh?).

Schemes are for people who are very good but really mediocre. Sure, their “mediocre” is better than anything other than the NFL, but they are just very, very good. Not great.

The greats are those whose natural talent far outshine everyone else. They are dynamic and play instictively.

In other words, not by any scheme.

Would you force Peyton to run the play that was called in rather than make any “adjustments” of his own at the line?

Would you force Brady to do what RG3 does so well, run with the ball?

Of course not!

So why would any rational human being take the square peg that RG3 is, shave off the corners and force him into a round hole? If RG3 had been capable of being a great pocket passer, he would have already done that in college like Andrew Luck.

The Seattle Seahawks built their offense around the strengths of Russell Wilson. The year before Peyton arrived, John Fox did the same at Denver, adjusting the offense to match the strengths of Tim Tebow. These teams nade it to the playoffs because the coaches were smart enough to know that the majority of the players CAN adjust to the play at quarterback.

If the quarterback is to be the commander on the field, it had better come naturally. Otherwise he will spend too much time trying to re-think everything he already knows about the game (and himself) to become something the incompetent coach is forcing him to be.

In a game earlier this season, RG3 headed for the sidelines, turned his body to throw a pass, broke his ankle – and knew it immediately as he kept that leg well elevated – and while falling backwards and sideways STILL COMPLETED THE PASS down field for a first down.

And all the coach can think is trying to force him into being a pocket passer.


It was in that same game where it looked like we had the old RG3 back. He was running – not the same extended loping strides of his first year – but exciting enough for the crowd. They went nuts, cheering everytime he took off running. THAT’s what they love about RG3. If they wanted to cheer a pocket passer, they should get Aaron Rodgers’ clone.

Another thing about Gruden, he said that RG3 should worry about his own actions on the field and not worry about what the other players are doing. Then he says RG3 should be paying more attention to all aspects of the game around him, not just his mechanics.

If that is the sort of self-contradictory “coaching” RG3 has been getting, I’m surprised he can function at all.

If Peter King is correct that Washington needs to use the final six games to determine if they are going to keep RG3, I’ll save them the tension: trade him away NOW.

Perhaps the next team will be run by someone intelligent enough to use his talents.

Some coach smart enough.

And we already know that can’t be Gruden because – paraphrasing his own words – he ain’t even close to being smart enough.