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Yelp no Help

May 22, 2013


I had a comment for a company on Yelp (among other places) and recently found it had been removed by their “spam filter”.

So I read their fac on what the spam filter was and how it works. Apparently this brilliantly-engineered piece of work can determine which comments are real and which ones are phony. You know, those people (usually competitors) who post bad reviews to make the competition look bad or friends of the owner of the business who praise it to the skies, usually with five stars and gushing with adoration.

So their filter removes all those annoyingly misleading comments so you can get the “real” story on the business.

Only thing, my and the other four complaints were removed as spam and the newest post (posted yesterday) is credited with being the “First Review” of this business… ignoring the other four, two of which were posted three years ago.

And this current, “First Review” even states: “the company asked me to put something up here”.

Another poster commented that Yelp was not doing anyone any good by showing only the Five ***** Star rated comment and hiding all the negative comments (i.e. complaints).

So I looked around the site and noticed – sure enough – there is no place to register a complaint about Yelp!

That’s as bad as Angie’s list where they charge you to make a comment! Yes, not only do you have to buy a membership to find out the low-down on prospective services, you actually have to pay to even register a comment about a company or service.

Oh, well… I guess we’ll just all have to learn the hard way: through our own mistakes.

The big companies are all too busy looking out for each others’ interests.