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Amazing Science!!

February 25, 2013

I tell you what! I am not one of those who can keep up with the constant changes coming in the scientific fields. Just like I mentioned in my first book… well, my only book so far: technology has left me in the dust.

But this latest thing really has me baffled. These guys are detecting energy being thrown out of the Black Hole in the center of the galaxy. And now they even have stars that are trucking across the galaxy at a million miles an hour that were flung out of the same Black Hole.

So, maybe physics has changed a bit since I was in school but I thought the entire concept of the Black Hole was that NOTHING escaped from it. Not even light. That’s why it is black.

Perhaps the even horizon is more permeable than they theorized. Maybe the inexorable forces relax at certain times.

Or maybe the Hole just wants to have a little fun and throw things away. I don’t know.

But isn’t it a truly marvelous field where you can theorize things that don’t fit the rest of the theory?

And the best thing is these guys get PAID for these wild surmises.

Me? I can surmise all day – wildly or otherwise – and don’t get the time of day from anyone.

But that’s why I’m the village idiot.

Maybe I should have been a scientist…