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Professional Football is Imploding in Florida

November 4, 2013


It was bad enough that Jacksonville refused to take the locally charmed Tim Tebow and thus earn the complete distrust and disgust of their fans by producing a less-than-lackluster team, now the remainder of Florida has joined in the “Peninsular curse”.

But I don’t really think we can blame Tebow for any of this… can we? Unless the scriptures somewhere tell us that “the peninsula will be lost if one turns their back on the Man of God” or something like that.

Anyway, after Jacksonville buckled to the curse, Tampa Bay was beset with a scourge of virus and bacterial infestation… somewhat less than seven plagues, but you get the drift.

Some of their team have gotten very ill from the microbes and their coach (some say who has a brain the size of a microbe) is acting fairly odd in his decision making.

This mess might be entirely overlooked if either team had one win between them but they are – strangely enough – the ONLY two teams in the NFL without a win this season! This has Biblical connotations all over it!!

Still, there was one bright spot in this fiasco: Miami is sitting at .500 (4 wins, 4 losses) and are not the bearers of the golden goose egg shared by the other two Florida franchises but now it seems they have a mess the size of Texas. And maybe a bigger mess than the other two teams combined.

It seems Jonathan Martin (no relation to Trayvon) has gone AWOL from the team amid swirling rumors of hazing, practical jokes, and other good-natured football camaraderie. Perhaps the fellow just has thin skin.

Today, the story took a turn to the South and it seems that one player named Ricky (whose name will remain Incognito) has been badgering the fellow for some time now (like since last year) and has been using racial slurs, threats, innuendo, and half a dozen other nuanced behaviors that I thought were beyond the mental capacity of the one-who-shall-remain-Incognito.

It is a sad day for for Miami, a sadder day for Florida, and an even bigger dark day for the NFL.

Oh, did I mention Jonathan Martin is black? (That might frame the story in a different light.)

So, what looked like a simple case of an emotionally frail young man not being able to take some friendly ribbing, it now seems his teammate has been involved in criminal behavior of a very bad sort.

And the rest of the team seems to have known something of this and did nothing about it.

Sure, New England had Hernandez and the murder-thing – so very easy to see that sort of thing and handle it – but this does not bode well for anyone.

If the league cannot get this sort of behavior under control (and there were shades of the same sort of thing going on in Tampa just a couple of weeks ago, i.e. Freeman’s departure) they are going to wish their only problems were a few concussion cases, illegal tackle fines, and the racial slur contained in the names of their teams.

Maybe everyone in Florida should take a moment and do a little Tebowing?

And perhaps Tim could bring some salvation.

Or at least a little salve.