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Judge and Jury

July 28, 2013

Judgment by internet or social network sets a very bad precedent.

One example comes to us from this spring.

The incident occurred in Pueblo, CO, on May 20th.

The information had been put out on social media and the neighbors thought this one man fit the description. The mob chased the man down and began beating him.

The police arrived and rescued the victim and took him to the station. He cooperated with the investigation by giving a DNA sample to prove his innocence.

He refused to press charges against the assailants.

Nor did they apologize.

Without all the facts in the case, people can arrive at erroneous conclusions and the results can get awkward.

Maybe someday we will learn that somethings are better if not arbitrated by social media.

Social media should really just be about catching up with friends and family, voting Betty White to host SNL, and starting revolutions in Egypt.