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a Real Song of Ice and Fire

June 11, 2013


On May 9th, Mike Florio reported that Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports (a man of questionable authority to begin with) that “Belichick hates Tebow”.

As if the story did not already have too many Mikes in the equation, they went on to quote “organizational sources” and “unnamed head coaches” to firm up the claim.

Six weeks ago, Tebow was released by the Jets to – as most assumed – fade away into obscurity. When I read the original Mike Florio article to my wife, I said it sounded like a bit of misdirection by the guys in Foxboro if it was actually really said by anyone attached to the Patriots organization.

If misdirection was intended, it worked like a charm and now all the commentators are proclaiming it was the “perfect match” all along.


The Jets may have taken Tebow originally with the idea of doing something with him but never quite figured out what that might be.

The sports talking-heads are now saying that Belichick always likes taking on “projects” and many have not turned out well. Remember Albert Haynesworth?

But other ones have turned out pretty good, like Randy Moss.

And Belichick has a way of shutting down the “media circus” that seems to follow Tebow wherever he goes.

True, true, and true… but these guys are still overlooking one final thing that might be a more interesting angle:

Belichick loves to get the New York Jets’ goat whenever he can. Whether spying on them or simply trashing them (not hard to do, it seems) Bill loves to goad the Jets.

Now he can – possibly – use a tool they discarded against them in a very public way.

I doubt he will pull Brady out of the games against the Jets (two a year, if memory serves me [LOL]) but I can certainly see him using the fellow in the games to show them what they coulda, woulda, shoulda done.

Darren Sharper (an analyst at NFL network) contends that the entire thing is a mistake that Tebow is not a quarterback… apparently he has never seen any of the stats from his high school, collegiate, or NFL career. Either that or he simply tends to ignore the stats because “everyone knows” he can’t play quarterback.

That’s a very Rex Ryan attitude to take. And we can see how well it served him and the Jets last year.

Many people think the Patriots are taking Tebow to change him into a tight end or running back. But, no, he has been hired as a quarterback.

If there can be any good brought from this relationship, you know Belichick will find it. Maybe not this season, but later on. Brady will not last forever. Not saying Tebow is his logical heir, but who knows what the future may bring.

The Wizard of Oz and the Wizard of Menlo Park are really no match for the man behind the curtain in Foxboro. The wizard in the gray hoodie makes the incomprehensible seem to make more sense than the power struggles behind each episode of “Game of Thrones”.

So there will be no quarterback controversy in New England like we saw in Denver and New York. No one is going to doubt that Brady is THE starting quarterback.

And there will no longer be a Tebow media circus… not in Foxboro. There, Belichick has always been the one-man circus.

What Is It With the Jets?

December 30, 2012

[Yes, yet another useless football-oriented entry… but don’t worry: the season is almost over!]

Sure we know that everyone ♥ New York but is the place becoming the “vacation year” for athletes?

Brett Favre came out of retirement and Green Bay immediately shipped the guy off to the Jets for one year. Then he was traded to Minnesota the next year and took them on a pretty good run into the playoffs.

Now Tim Tebow has gone to the same Jets for – apparently – only one year before being shipped off to who knows where… probably Jacksonville, where he wanted to go in the first place rather than… well, New York, which everyone ♥, by the way.

I know there is not enough data here to make any decent statistical analysis but what is going on here? Is New York the new sabbatical, or is it more of the new “Time Out” corner for slightly bizarre players? (Sure, you want to add “and coaches”… but Ryan has been there for more than a year.)

Maybe it is just some sort of jinx. I mean, two rather exceptional (though much maligned) quarterbacks have both spent their year in purgatory (i.e. New York Jets organization, not the city, which everyone ♥’s) in utter mediocrity before moving on to where they wanted to go in the first place.

Do the Jets just not know how to use talent when they get it or what? I mean, they did pretty good back in the days of Broadway Joe. He was able to take them places…

Ah, but that was in the days before Broadway Rex.

Don’t ya just ♥ New York?

Trying, Dying to Take it Back

November 16, 2012

I saw a very interesting article at,football where Jeff Darlington mentioned some reports in a New York paper by several teammates of Tebow who claim the reason he isn’t playing instead of Sanchez is because the boy is simply “terrible”!

Darlington tweeted: “@JeffDarlington: Hey, Jets players who anonymously ripped Tim Tebow to the NY Daily News today… The Broncos of Aug 2011 called. They want their quotes back.”

Yes, the Bronco fans were really pissed when Tebow arrived in Denver… they would have preferred a “good quarterback”. And let’s face it, Elway was very quick to send the boy up the Hudson River at the end of the season.

But the fans might want to eat those words after they got to ride the Tebow train into the playoffs… and should we say after rolling over the Jets?… nah, let’s play nice. Yes, the mediocre quarterback seemed to be a little bit better than anyone thought he could be.

But let’s get realistic here. Mark Sanchez was taken high in the draft to be THE guy in the Jets organization. And, yes, his early promise seems to have faded a little since then…

Well, maybe a LOT. After all, there are 31 other QB’s in the league rated better. And that would place Sanchez at… hm, let me see… oh, yeah, dead last.

So I can understand why the fans are so upset that Rex Ryan (“he of the rather large mouth”) won’t use Tebow better. And I can understand why the “anonymous teammates” that threw Tebow under the bus want things to stay as they are:

If the quarterback was better – and who could NOT be better than Sanchez? – then the rest of the team would actually have to start performing at something closer to a semblance of a professional level which means they would have to get off their overpaid behinds and do the job the fans expect of them rather than telling those same fans to shut up.

Maybe they forgot who is really paying their salaries – in the long run – just like the ownership of the NFL or the commish himself.

It seems to be some sort of disease creeping through the league and it is spreading its infection everywhere, from the top down.

I don’t know… maybe we should pray on it.

Ready for a little Tebowing?