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Let’s Move On, Shall We?

January 23, 2015

Okay, we got it. The Patriots and Belichick have cheated again… yada yada.

Let the league fine somebody and let us get back to debating over the fine points of each team going to the Super Bowl.

Because, you and I both know, the league is not going to vacate the win and send the Colts into the big one.

I think the very most they could do was take away the first half of the champioship game when New England was playing with supposedly illegal equipment. Yeah, take away the first half and the Pats still win the game 28 to zip.

Yes, it looks like their little bit of cheating worked real well. It kept them from scoring very much while Indy did score.

And once they took away the Patriots “edge” they really walloped the Colts.

Much ado about nothing except perhaps in the fine print department.

And I love how all the former QBs are weighing in like they never did anything to shift any part of the game in their favor.

Oh, no! Those guys were all as pure as the driven snow whereas Big Bad Brady is devil-incarnate second only to Bigger Badder Belichick.

And Roger Goodell can only shrug and smile, “We’ve even got an inmate in Colorado suing us for eighty-eight billion. Hey, at least everyone’s talking about football!”

a Real Song of Ice and Fire

June 11, 2013


On May 9th, Mike Florio reported that Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports (a man of questionable authority to begin with) that “Belichick hates Tebow”.

As if the story did not already have too many Mikes in the equation, they went on to quote “organizational sources” and “unnamed head coaches” to firm up the claim.

Six weeks ago, Tebow was released by the Jets to – as most assumed – fade away into obscurity. When I read the original Mike Florio article to my wife, I said it sounded like a bit of misdirection by the guys in Foxboro if it was actually really said by anyone attached to the Patriots organization.

If misdirection was intended, it worked like a charm and now all the commentators are proclaiming it was the “perfect match” all along.


The Jets may have taken Tebow originally with the idea of doing something with him but never quite figured out what that might be.

The sports talking-heads are now saying that Belichick always likes taking on “projects” and many have not turned out well. Remember Albert Haynesworth?

But other ones have turned out pretty good, like Randy Moss.

And Belichick has a way of shutting down the “media circus” that seems to follow Tebow wherever he goes.

True, true, and true… but these guys are still overlooking one final thing that might be a more interesting angle:

Belichick loves to get the New York Jets’ goat whenever he can. Whether spying on them or simply trashing them (not hard to do, it seems) Bill loves to goad the Jets.

Now he can – possibly – use a tool they discarded against them in a very public way.

I doubt he will pull Brady out of the games against the Jets (two a year, if memory serves me [LOL]) but I can certainly see him using the fellow in the games to show them what they coulda, woulda, shoulda done.

Darren Sharper (an analyst at NFL network) contends that the entire thing is a mistake that Tebow is not a quarterback… apparently he has never seen any of the stats from his high school, collegiate, or NFL career. Either that or he simply tends to ignore the stats because “everyone knows” he can’t play quarterback.

That’s a very Rex Ryan attitude to take. And we can see how well it served him and the Jets last year.

Many people think the Patriots are taking Tebow to change him into a tight end or running back. But, no, he has been hired as a quarterback.

If there can be any good brought from this relationship, you know Belichick will find it. Maybe not this season, but later on. Brady will not last forever. Not saying Tebow is his logical heir, but who knows what the future may bring.

The Wizard of Oz and the Wizard of Menlo Park are really no match for the man behind the curtain in Foxboro. The wizard in the gray hoodie makes the incomprehensible seem to make more sense than the power struggles behind each episode of “Game of Thrones”.

So there will be no quarterback controversy in New England like we saw in Denver and New York. No one is going to doubt that Brady is THE starting quarterback.

And there will no longer be a Tebow media circus… not in Foxboro. There, Belichick has always been the one-man circus.

The Greatest Season

January 12, 2012

The team had gone 13 and 0 on the season with three games remaining. And the remainder of their schedule was what you would consider “soft”. After they had pulled two touchdowns ahead, in the middle of the third quarter, the coach pulled the starting quarterback, deciding that the playoffs were more important than the remaining three games.

The coach would say that the owners had spoken with him and they decided the Super Bowl win was most important. As one of the bigwigs put it: Getting in the record books was the most important thing.

What in the world was that #&$%#&@ thinking?!?

Most fans could not tell you off the top of their head who won Super Bowl XVII or even Super Bowl XXXIII. But any fan could tell you who went completely undefeated ALL season to win the Super Bowl: the Miami Dolphins.

Zip! No one else. Bingo!

Now, what silly record book was this guy thinking about??

So, which was most important? One look at Peyton Manning’s face as he stood on the sideline and watched his team lose the lead in the fourteenth game of the season told it all.

What should have happened at that point was that the coach should have woken up and put Manning back in.

I believe they would have gone 14-0, then 15-0, 16-0, and would have been riding so high that I think they could have coasted through the playoffs to win the Super Bowl. Seeing them go undefeated after the Giants had snuffed out New England’s dream of that honor a couple of years before, would have been monumental.

And that would truly have been one for the record books.

As it was, they finished the season 14-2 and got creamed in the big game.

The owners and the coaches forgot the importance of momentum, inertia, passion.

And without passion, how can one player ever hope to elevate the game to something more?

In this season, when we have no Peyton Manning to watch, I wonder if that season ever comes to his mind. Hopefully not. The really great ones rarely look back with regrets. They remain focused on the future.

Leaving such minuscule conundrums to the fans who can only enjoy the glory through a more passive role. And dream of the Greatest Season that never happened but was once so close, so very much a possibility. But stolen by a group of suits that seem a little distant from what the game is really all about.

And I understand that too well because I am a Redskins fan.