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They Should Be Proud, Right?

September 17, 2014

Monsanto is very proud of their developments – so they tell us – and yet are spending exhorbitant amounts of money to hide that very pride. Wherever people begin a drive to insist on full disclosure, the corporation brings out its lawyers to quash the entire movement.

And they keep losing!

They keep telling us that their product is better than natural foods because… well, it just IS, that’s all. And it makes them a helluva lot more money than natural crops ever did, that’s for certain.

And in today’s technology-is-great mindset, the very idea that we made food – up until recently something that was only in the bailiwick of nature itself – is really something we can gloat about. So, rather than hide the fact, they should be proud!

Here’s the label they should be putting on all GMO foods to show their pride in their accomplishments.

GMO label

I am certain the consumers – equally prideful in what amazing technology we have – will clamor to buy the stuff.

Having their lawyers attempting to circumvent the food labeling laws by claiming GMO is not really “food” is counter-productive. They should stress that not only is it FOOD, it is better than real food because technology has made it better; science has triumphed yet again.

The people at Monsanto have got to stop being so defensive. If they were a little more proactive with their advertising, they might be a little more successful.

If I saw one of these labels at the store, I know I would have to buy it.

I mean, they are bound to be a collectible some day as rare as they are going to be.