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Show Me the Money

December 17, 2013

Continuing on the Snyder article mentioned in my last post (yesterday if you missed it), people are complaining mostly about his avarice. Yes, he is bound and determined to make a bundle of money off his ownership.

So he sold the name of the stadium, raised ticket prices, and so forth.

The fans are complaining bitterly.

So what?

I moved to the DC Metro area from Phoenix where we had wanted a team for sooooo long.

We finally got Bill Bidwell to move the Cardinals from St. Louis to Arizona. Suddenly we had a team!!

Then, of course, he got rid of the really good players to save a bit of coin and raised the ticket prices. Yes, at one time the Arizona tickets were the most expensive in the league… and we did not even have a stadium! The team had to use the facilities at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe which the ASU Sun Devils called home.

We had the same revolving door for coaches that currently plague the Redskins. We had the same “losing mentality” that Washington seems to have caught.

One year we had an exceptional quarterback that was actually winning games. But when Tom Tupa came too close to winning enough games to make his bonus, Bidwell had the fellow benched. For the season!

Of course the team tanked and they got rid of Tupa the next year and he will be remembered only for converting the very first two-point conversion in NFL history after that option was put into effect. No, he never had another good year anywhere.

Buddy Ryan, the famed Defensive Coordinator of the Eagles, was brought in as head coach and he wanted to show everyone he meant business so he instructed the team to win every single pre-season game! And they did. Of course, the teams they played against weren’t really trying to win…

Needless to say, the season went downhill from there, only winning three of the games that really counted. Buddy’s legacy lives on, though, as his twin boys are in the NFL: Rob is the Defensive Coordinator for Oakland and Rex is the much-storied head coach of the New York Jets.

By the time I left Phoenix, people were as angry with Bidwell as the people here are toward Snyder. It seems all about the same to me. You gotta figure those guys are in business to make money and that’s what they do.

Bidwell’s son took over in Phoenix, I heard, and they got a stadium, got a descent team, and even went to the Super Bowl. That’s great. Maybe that sort of thing will give the Redskins’ fans some hope.

Everything today seems to be about the money.

The NFL jealously guards its “non-profit” status while they rake in the billions.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg keeps diluting his site with more and more ads. Google bought You-tube so they could stuff it with ads. Making money is the cornerstone of all these ventures in America.

How much is enough?

Maybe when all the stockholders have bled the last stone dry…