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April 15th… What a Day it Was!

April 16, 2012

Another April 15th has come and gone and this one was a bit bolder than usual because it just happened to be to 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic… the ship, not the film.

The film has done quite well in its re-release in 3D and pushed it over the $2 Billion mark, a feat shared by only one other film, also by James Cameron, “Avatar”. You remember, the film with all the blue people who lived inside a tree.

April 15th is also famous in America for being the IRS Tax Deadline since 1955, though since it falls on a Sunday this year, the deadline has been extended to the 17th. And you can be sure a LOT of people will take advantage of the extension to put off their filing “to the last minute”. Which they would do even if the deadline was extended to September 1st.

Another interesting anniversary happened on the 15th although not many people mentioned it. The date was seven score and seven years since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Something most people today seem to have forgotten although it seemed to be a really big deal in the nineteenth century.

I suppose everyone is waiting for the sesquicentennial of the event, three years from now, or 150 years afterward, to commemorate the event that will live in infamy…

Or was that the bombing of Pearl Harbor (the event, not the film) that was supposed to live in infamy?

Well, maybe they can share the same cell in infamy.

But, thankfully, the 15th has passed and we all survived.

At least a little better than Lincoln, or the Titanic, or a lot of unhappy taxpayers.

Oh, and another little thing that happened on the 15th… I finally got published!

Yes, I had been working on a volume called “For What It’s Worth” – hey, isn’t that the name of this blog!? – but it never seemed to get very far since I got distracted by so many other book ideas.

But I finally finished one called If the World’s a Village, I’m Its Idiot. It is available on kindle if you’d like to check it out.

For myself, at least, I have something else to remember about April 15th. Perhaps you have something as well.

Anything has to be better than that other stuff.