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Harsh Future

August 3, 2020

Trump has re-energized the space program and more people are reawakening to the idea that our future truly lies out there… among the starts.

John Kennedy saw that future and started us on the path – tragically derailed as soon as his goal to reach the moon before the end of the decade was attained.

The future is STILL in space.

The problem I see today is not that we do not have the capabilities to go there – given the brain-power of the private sector in this one country alone – what we are lacking is young people with the necessary pioneering spirit.

Judging from what we have lately seen displayed, we have a sorry contingent of spineless, whiny yakmuffins making up a large segment of the younger portion of our population.

I know that’s not the totality of the group as there are many – especially among the rural populations – with more than enough grit to tackle the task, still it appears the mollycoddled young who require their Starbucks and their safe-space to function even on a rudimentary level are not going to get us far beyond a stage two mental collapse.

We need to begin building younger people with a bit more confidence in themselves, the society, and their fellow human beings without the constant fretting about being offended by anything moving without their permission.

Exploration and colonization requires a degree of determination and focus beyond the attention span required to click on funny memes or throw out ad hominems against that which is found at odds with one’s own ideals. Education today has created a culture that cancels itself without learning a thing. Except how to strike for more money.

Unless we can nurture a generation of innovative and courageous pioneers, space will forever remain a philosophical pipe-dream living only in the imagination of science fiction authors – and imbuing the ghost of one martyred President.

the Future of Now

July 17, 2018


Over a decade ago…

I told my son, who was fiddling with making goofy YouTubes with his friend, that he should make a series of them and put them up but also make a different series as well, and a third.

In other words, rather than just make a YouTube channel, he could create a Network. Monetized, of course.

And from the proceeds of this small enterprise, he could then begin doing better quality, longer videos with more structured content… Just like a real broadcast network.

His response was predictable: “That’s ridiculous. That couldn’t happen.”

It was a simple concept and I was certain other people were thinking along those same lines and it has now become a reality for many.

The key to the success of these endeavors is, of course, advertising. People pay you to do what you like.

Let that sink in a moment.

Given that the advertising revenue is what drives such things, I was not in the least surprised when ads began to be run at the beginning of most videos OR, as is done quite often now, in the middle of the video.

Now, the vendors “help” us by offering to pay for no-advertising versions of their service and a great many people take advantage of this.

So, where am I going with this?

Extrapolation shows us that very soon we will see more of this bothersome practice creeping in to other area of our socialization.

Such as in streams of text messages.

You’ll be texting with your romantic partner when a text bubble pops up about dinner at Appleby’s or some such. No, it won’t be your partner, but you might both think it is. Perhaps not subliminal but effective.

Later, you’ll be given the option of paying a fee to have the ads removed.

And then, of course, the pièce de résistance: ads in the middle of your SPOKEN conversations.

The only danger inherent in this sort of advertising is, of course, when it occurs in the middle of an emergency call.

“Hello, 911? We need a…”

“Have you seen the new fall fashions at Macy’s? Check it out at…”

(Actually, I doubt they would allow it on 911 calls, but you never know.)

And, of course, you can pay them to remove the advertising…

Many would think the advertisers will never go to these extremes but you have to remember, companies HAVE TO ADVERTISE!

And if people are paying to not see ads anywhere, the advertisers will have to find new venues for their ads.

Because it is vitally imperative that you know about their product!! (At least in their minds.)

So no matter where and when you pay to have the ads removed…

They will reappear somewhere else.

Like at the movie theater or one the DVDs and music CDs you buy. (Yeah, old news, I know.)

Or on your favorite Sports Venue…

And next?

How about naming rights for the public schools since education can always use a few more dollars?

And you can proudly claim your son graduated from Grover Cleveland Microsoft High and will be attending Stanford McDonald-Douglas.

Oh, yeah.

It’s coming.