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Another Look Back

September 11, 2011

Here we are, ten years past the tragedy that was visited on us on 9/11/2001.

It was a far different 2001 than that visualized by Stanley Kubrick in his famous film”2001: a Space Odyssey” but far more realistic.

I keep waiting for the “healing” to begin, to put us beyond that which we are being constantly reminded of, constantly commemorating. I would like to move through an early September without the constant reminders of horrors all to human to ever possibly forget.

So, in our effort to bring some meaning to the senselessness of the thousands that died that day we have taken a war to the Middle East and killed so many thousands more to repay someone who we have finally wreaked our vengeance on…

Does the story have any sort of a happy ending? And should it?

Or are we supposed to carry the pain with us always and ensure that others come to know the depths of our suffering by doing unto them?

Seeing how we have been so readily able to move beyond the tribulations of a nation torn apart by the “Civil War” – (NOT!) – I fully expect this commemoration to carry forward for another century, at least, while we still tear the scabs open and reawaken the wounds. And as the blood flows freely again, we can somehow feel some solace for our loss.

So many of the Civil War commemoration protesters today cat-call the Rebel-biased lamenters with that famous phrase: “You lost. Get over it!”

As humans, we do not seem to be able to “get over” such large scale tragedies.

So, while others lament at the foolish sentiment wasted by the Rebel-lovers during the current Civil War Sesquicentennial, let us all take a moment to remember the cause of our righteous indignation against an innocent people half a world away.

Have a thoughtful 9/11.

More Lessons from the Middle East

June 3, 2010

[this article was written a couple of years ago but – as with all things Mid-East – seems rather timeless]

Now that the conflict is winding down in the latest Middle East conflict, let us take a moment to review what, if anything, might be learned from the weeks-long debacle.

The Lebanese army is moving into the south of Lebanon where they have not been since 1967. And why hasn’t the Lebanese army been in South Lebanon? Because the area has been controlled by Hezbollah.

Controlled by a terrorist group?

Perhaps Hezbollah is more than “just a terrorist organization” like the administration has been selling us… or rather telling us.

And what is Hezbollah doing during the cease fire? Building up stronger resistance? Harrassing the Israeli, Lebanese, and UN troops? No, they are helping rebuild the ravaged south.

Hmmm… I thought “governments” did that, not “terrorist organizations”.

Which brings us to the Palestine question. Their local “terrorist organization” seems to be a political party: Hamas.

The hippie/yippie movement in the sixties against the Republican Party were a rather militant branch of the Democratic Party. Could we then suppose that the Democrats were a “terrorist organization” just because some members were militant?

So I think both Hamas and Hezbollah are getting a bad rep because of our LABELLING them “TERRORISTS”. Just because our government decides someone is a terrorist, does it make them one?

In a war, one does NOT send military squads into the opposing territory and kidnap non-combatants. Such a move would be labelled terrorism by any definition. Yet that is exactly what Israel has done to the Palestinian government officials.

Their claim that Hamas is a terrorist organization does not hold up. In this instance Israel is the terrorist organization!! They decry the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier as an act of terrorism and then kidnap more than two dozen parliament and cabinet officers! Why are we allied to that terrorist organization?

One final note: many Lebanese interviewed on returning to the South knew exactly who to blame for the war. Israel? No. Hezbollah? Hell, no!

They blamed George W. Bush and the United States of America.

Winning the War on Terrorism?

May 27, 2010

Our President claims (just like the former occupant on the throne) that we are winning the war on terrorism… either he is completely deluded, or is reading some news reports we are not privy to.

Actually, not only are we losing the war, but we are making it WORSE!

The claim relies on the fact that we have not been attacked directly since 9/11. But what our fearless leaders seem to have forgotten is that the war on terrorism is an international war, not one being waged only on the home front… at least that was the rationale used when deciding to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

But on the international stage, the war on terrorism is NOT ‘winding down’ or getting close to being won. It is FAR WORSE today than when the 9/11 attacks occurred. MORE terrorists are being created as a direct result of our current foreign policies than existed before 9/11!!

So, far from “winning the war on terrorism”, we are LOSING… Big time!

And in this corner…

January 28, 2010

Senator Specter had enough of the prevarication and obstructions by the Executive Branch and felt the President gave Congress no respect, so he planned a new law to take the President to task: Congress will be able to sue the President for obstruction.

What a nice idea. After six years of rubber-stamping most of what the President had wanted (there are some major exceptions, though), the Senator had gotten tired of the signing statements used by President Bush to interpret how (or if) he plans to follow the law he is signing. Quite often, he had interpreted the laws as not applying to him… after all, he was “the decider”.

Congress had already said they are above the Executive Branch in the case of the FBI searching a congressional office (see earlier blog “Balance of Powers Revisited” for more), although as I mentioned they did not go after the Courts for authorizing the FBI search warrant. Apparently, they now want to tackle the Courts as well.

Many Senators (like John Kerry for one) chastised Congress’ wasting time on the Flag Burning Amendment that week when there were “more important things to do” (hey, what could be more important than politicking for re-election, huh?). Senator Hatch spoke for the Amendment saying it was “the most important thing” Congress should be doing now. And why? He said to send a message to the Courts that Congress would no longer be “bullied” by them.

He was responding to the Supreme Court striking down Congress’ earlier Flag Burning legislation struck down by the Court in 1990. Well, Senator Hatch is quick to respond, if nothing else. It only took him 16 years to fashion a response! No slaggard he!

So we have Congress squaring off against the other two branches of Government, claiming they have been bullied and they are not going to take it anymore. What a joke and a tremendous waste of the taxpayers’ dollars.

And, somehow forgotten in all this pettifogging and politicking, were the real problems facing America. Is there maybe a fourth branch of government we can depend on to actually do something for the people and not just for our elected officials? Actually, I am not too concerned with the rights of all those “fat cats”.

And I see no difference in the Congress under this new administration.

They should all be impeached!


January 25, 2010

Prestidigitation and Legerdemain: I studied magic when I was younger but could never excel at the primary art of the magician: prestidigitation and legerdemain. These two talents are the ways the magician can keep your eyes occupied by the flurry of actions of one hand while the other is busy doing what he does not want you to see.

The entire mess in the Middle East and Terrorism has kept us occupied so Bush & Co could destroy the environment in the name of corporate America. A full list of what has been going on can be found in “Thieves in High Places” by Jim Hightower (see his website). Vast areas of our natural resources are now being opened to rape by corporate America, thanks to Bush and his “distractions”. We are so pre-occupied with the Middle East, the 9/11 conspiracy, domestic spy-ops, immigration troubles, and any number of other hot items in the media, that we are not aware of the real issues behind all the smoke and mirrors. We are constantly being distracted. Thank you, news media.

DOMESTIC SPYING – This has already been going on for so long, unbeknownst to the public, that its revelation at this time meant nothing more than Bush was preparing to pull the wool over our eyes for something else he was doing – distracting us yet again from what’s really going on.

BUYING STOCKS – Bush had pushed us to buy stocks in so many different ways. His re-work of social security (“I have faith that the American people are smart enough to be able to invest their money more wisely and with better results than the Social Security Administration” – what a lot of BS!) to encourage us to buy stocks and the tax-break being given to people to buy stocks… hmmm, he must have had a promotional contract for Dean, Witter or something.

Investing in stocks as a way of their phasing out Social Security is such a farce and not one media market I found asked the really interesting question: Hey, wasn’t Social Security founded because people had lost their shirts when the stock market crashed in 1929? It is because of the stock market and the losses of everyone’s savings that Social Security was created. And now we were supposed to forget that and throw our life savings back into that same market?

Did he think we are that gullible? Uh, well, yes, of course we are!! (That could also be the reason why the rich are dumping stock to buy gold.)

I smell a rat (or two… thousand).

Those interested in learning more history of this shell-game of smoke and mirrors played out by the government, the money-men, and our supposedly unwitting media can be found in the book None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham (an online copy is a free download).

It would be nice if it was all a dream, or a fantasy… Alas, it’s not.

Pushing Stocks

January 21, 2010

With all the problem the Stock Market was having in the past year – trying to dig out of a mighty hole – I am reminded of what it could have been like if we had taken Bush’s advice. You must remember his major push by to get us buying stocks.

First there was his proposal to scrap Social Security so we could put all our money into the Stock Market. He claimed that we were either savvy enough on our own or could acquire the proper tools online or through financial institutions to get a better return on our dollar than the Federal Government could. Apparently, he forgot the reason why Social Security was set-up to begin with: middle-class investors losing their shirts in the Stock Market crash of 1929. He seems to think that sort of thing can never happen again, but I smelled a set-up – we would invest heavily in the Market once again and it would tank, just like last time. Thanks W, but no thanks. Fortunately, his plan did not sink more Americans.

The other way he tried enticing us to get into the Stock arena was by reducing the taxes on capital gains. In other words, if you will put your money into stocks, the Federal Government will allow you to keep a greater amount of your profits. Wonderful! But for how long?

Once again, I smelled a set-up, and it did not bode well for us or our hard-earned money.

Several other ways are even more subtle. Tweaking the prime interest rate, squelching rises in salaries, allowing the gas companies to make huge profits. The less and less our dollar can purchase translates into feelings of financial insecurity about the future, and our willingness to consider again a plunge into the Market.

After all, if Exxon and such are doing such a bang-up job, wouldn’t it be fairly safe to reconsider investing? Maybe just a little bit? Maybe in just the better Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities?

Well, maybe… But then, there is always another Enron, isn’t there?

If Bush had gotten his way the recent depression would have been far worse. There were many who lost their shirts but so many more who did not.

Slavery is Freedom…

January 18, 2010

The Bush Administration set out to establish a continual war in the mid-east and around the world (and the present administration is happy to oblige). Hmmm, now why does that sound so familiar? Because it was one of the characteristics of the Government of Big Brother in the George Orwell novel 1984. The premise of “spreading democracy” is about the same as in the novel and seems such a “noble cause”.

Bush might have a bit of a problem keeping an army in the field (even with his special recruitment tactic, i.e. NCLB) since many Iraqi Freedom soldiers had to purchase their own armor, and some even their own uniforms, and then most of veterans had to purchase identity theft protection after the VA lost their personal data. All the money that administration threw at the war effort and the spending was still so wasteful… but I get that is typical rather than the exception.

Still, the bigger issue to deal with here is the “spread of democracy…” Which form? And how can we be sure it is right for the people over there? Certainly we have done well by it, but if our country had been developed in 1776 based on the template we are currently using, I don’t think we would have come so far.

And now in some of the democracies we have set up, we find out we don’t approve of their elections – as in Palestine. We could then be fighting against democracies we established, negating the work we did in establishing it. (Hey, that sounds vaguely familiar as well… Haven’t we already done that? Once, or twice maybe, or three…)

So, who are we to decide what is right for others? The Catholic Church tried that for over a thousand years, forcing their religion on everyone or killing them, and you can see where it has brought us. The idea that it will ever regain status as the “universal church” is a very slim wager.

Diversity is to be found in all areas of nature and the world seems to prosper from it. Perhaps we should take a lesson from that and stop trying to clone ourselves forcible onto the world populations. I figure we can allow diversity in our relations with others as well. If we force everyone to fit our vision alone, slavery would be freedom… but not any freedom I would want.

Yale – Shame!

January 17, 2010

Yale University is quite proud having produced another President of the United States. Even at the time I should have thought they would be more circumspect. I think they should not be over proud of the fact. This mostly illiterate President would be a marvelous poster boy for the “What a Waste of Money Higher Education Is” campaign.

And graduates of Yale can see the value of a sheepskin with the word YALE on it took a sharp downturn.

How did this functioning illiterate get a degree from what was once a prestigious university? Money… and his family name. And that’s about it. Imagine how utterly stupid you too could be and still get a degree from Yale. As long as you did not have to appear and take any orals and could pay someone to do your homework and sit in on your exams for you, you too could be on the next rocket to glory, just like George W. And you don’t even have to understand the English language!!

Money and connections! Yale, you could singlehandedly destroy the educational institution as a whole with this pathetic example of exactly what you will “honor” with a degree.

But Yale doesn’t care what image this creates for them. They still have the Skull and Bones…

Was This Guy Psychic or What?

January 15, 2010

Here is a great example of the allies our American government supports.

I was just amazed at the ability of Ehud Olmert to discern what was going on around him. Maybe its some intuitive awareness of minutiae or some rare psychic gift bestowed on him by the Almighty, but this guy is the real deal!

After the first week of the recent conflict in southern Lebanon, he claimed the army had destroyed Hezbollah’s infrastructure and they would fall apart within days.

A week later he said Hezbollah had been sufficiently crippled that they could no longer continue their rocket attacks on Israel.

He claimed later that his army was targeting only the Hezbollah positions and that soon the terrorists would have no place to hide.

Wow!! This guy was batting 1.000! He was 100% WRONG!! Perhaps he oughta step down and allow someone with some intelligence to run the country. His intelligence services seem to be on a par with ours, though, as our record in Afghanistan and Iraq matches what the Israeli intelligence service has accomplished: NOT MUCH.

Perhaps Ohmert, like Bush, did not understand the word ‘intelligence’.

But, as both seemed to be psychic… who needs intelligence?

Another Illegal Administration

January 7, 2010

I heard a lot of groans about how the 2004 election was “stolen”. After looking over the evidence, it is obvious it was stolen. But so what? That is only the tip of the iceberg in the illegal actions taken by the previous administration… and condoned by a Democrat-controlled Congress. And five years after that travesty of a mock election, the now Democratic White House does not seem to be anxious to change anything.

America has proudly been the staunch defender of human rights worldwide, for generations… until now.

We have steadfastly denounced offensive military actions by the dictators of the world… until now.

Torture of captives and political prisoners has always been denounced by our leaders… until now.

Detaining political prisoners without due process has been declaimed from on high… until now.

The President swears an oath to uphold the Constitution, and pays dearly when he slips… until now.

And the American people, as guaranteed, have always been the ultimate decider… until now.

Practically any one of these should have been enough to have Bush removed, and yet he continued his blithe captaincy of the ship of state in very rocky and shark-infested waters until the bitter end of his term. And it is sad that the Democrats under the questionable abilities of Speaker Pelosi have fought off all attempts to have the man impeached (why? I suppose so their man could continue the same abuse off powers when he came to the office in 2008). But the saddest part of all, perhaps the most frightening of all, is that these huge crimes are only the tip of the iceberg, and I am certain we will be discovering for years to come the crimes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have committed while in office.

And how has this been allowed to happen? Fear! When 9/11 occurred, our wonderful leaders pointed the finger and claimed Al Qaeda done it! Bin Laden denied any involvement in the action (and further investigations point the finger more squarely on this administration having done it themselves!), but we declared “war on terror” and advanced into Afghanistan to grab Bin Laden. Now we have gone into Iraq to fight terror but have succeeded only in spreading it further!

Whenever Bush needed something more from the American people, we heard more of the fear message. And the will of Congress and the people bow before the fear. One by one, we allowed the government (Republican President and Democratic Congress) to infringe on our freedoms. Once the power has been given away, do we really expect these people to give us back the power? Are you nuts?! Of course they won’t!

Human Rights commissions in Europe and those attached to the U.N. have denounced the governments of two countries in recent months for “war crimes”, “crimes against humanity”, and “human rights violations”: the United States and Israel. And that does not bode well for a universal form of democracy, does it? It seems more like a highly polarized political agenda. (The announcement of either should not surprise anyone. For more on Israel, see my previous post… same ol’ same ol’.)

Just like Lincoln’s goal of “ending slavery” only expanded it, Bush’s reported goal of “spreading democracy” will in actuality end it. I’m afraid that establishing “puppet governments” in the Middle East and refusing to recognize democratically elected governments (like Hamas) points to the extinction of democracy rather than its spreading.

Telling others how to govern is not democracy. It is creating a “territorial status” for these foreign nations under the guise of independent operations.

Its time for this nation to wake up, don’t you think?

Or our grandchildren will have to live without the freedoms we have so easily relinquished. Future generations will pay for our crimes of omission.