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Barack, Keep in Touch…

April 6, 2012

Last year there was a faint whisper raised to a roar. Donald Trump joined in on the side of the birthers and demanded Barack Obama produce his birth certificate long form.

The President said he was surprised… didn’t know the thing was an issue… et cetera.

I thought, at the time, that Obama should not have “acted” so in the dark about the situation. Sure the problem was not mainstream by any means but there had been plenty of court cases already trying to pry the document loose from the clenched fist in Honolulu.

For Obama to say he knew absolutely nothing of the issue seemed, to me at least, humorously infantile.

Now we hear Obama leveling threats at the Supreme Court to treat his healthcare reform with a little respect. He said it would be very bad if they would dare overturn a piece of legislation of this magnitude that was overwhelmingly loved by the people.

Which people was he talking about? The citizens of Nutgrove, Wisconsin, population fourteen?

He certainly could not have been referring to the country he heads up as even the most favorable polls show the majority want it changed or scrapped. Where are the people who actually want the damned thing?

Oh, I see, the “people” he was referring to were the owners, directors, and controllers of the insurance companies who are going to benefit like crazy from this bill just like they did from mandatory auto insurance and mandatory house insurance.

So, Barack is as out-of-touch with reality on the healthcare issue as he was with the birth certificate issue.

Yes, our President really has his thumb on the pulse of the issues… just like Bush Jr. did, huh?

And, BTW, there are an awful lot of people still concerned about that Birth Certificate… seems they still want to see the “real” one and not the paste-up job released in 2011 in response to Trump’s outcry.

And isn’t it strange that shortly after that revelation, Trump disappeared from the scene… just like Ross Perot did years before.

Isn’t American politics a blast!? They just keep recycling what seems to have worked.