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This Culturally Diminished Generation

July 16, 2017


Maybe I’m in a crappy place right now…

I am a bit saddened by the state of the country these days.

No, not about Trump getting elected or any of the BS the Media keeps heaping on that dung pile. If that’s what’s worrying you then you ARE the problem.

We have had a war going on for the past fifteen years and I do not see anyone protesting it. Fifteen freakin’ years, folks!

Sure you have the time to march in your fancy vagina and penis suits, or marching glibly behind a couple of media puppets for what passes for “science” but is really more politics. Yes, they’ve got time to march for those “issues” but I guess millions of people dying is not an issue for those self-centered muffins.

No, their music today is all about they’ve been offended, or they want more – money, cars, whatever – or how badly they’ve been treated by their biatches.

Yes, it seems the eternal litany of “me, me, me” is alive and well in America these days.

In the sixties, there was a war. A little thing over in Southeast Asia… you may have heard of it – unless your neuter-specific history classes sort of gloss over the embarrassing affair – the Viet Nam War.

It did not go on for near as long as the present conflict in the Middle East but the youth of America were incensed. They rioted, they marched, they protested in great numbers and their music reflected it with things like “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and “For What It’s Worth” by the Youngbloods. (A reason why this blog has the same title.)

How could we wind up with an entire generation with its collective head rammed up its collective butt more concerned about themselves than anything else. And don’t give me the yap about their feigned uproar over “Global Warming”. I have yet to see any of the loud-mouths mouthing that crap to actually do something useful. Sure DiCaprio and Bono are all for fighting global warming but neither of the pair has quit flying, using their yachts, or driving their fancy cars, have they? Of course not! Why? Because they are just mouthing rather than doing.

In the sixties there wasn’t much mouthing. We got off our butts and did something.

We had a candidate primed to take us there in Robert Kennedy but they killed him.

Today, when Bernie was railroaded – not killed, mind you – his followers folded tent and went home, whining. Hey! They did not kill your candidate, people!


These young people better reach down and find a bigger and hairier pair pretty soon or there won’t be any planet left to pass down to their own grandchildren.

And, believe me, the “runaway global meltdown” is going to be the least of the problems you’re gonna face. (That is, if that imaginary fairy dust apocalypse ever does come about.)



the Train Wreck: Election 2016 in a Nutcase

July 7, 2017

If the Democratic party had not sabotaged itself, Bernie would have been their candidate. Yes, an independent heading the Democratic ticket.

The Republicans were steamrolled by the behemoth that was the Trump campaign. Yes, an independent heading the Republic ticket.

In retaliation for betraying Bernie, a lot of the Democrats in America voted for Trump just to spite Hillary. And there were quite a few loyal Republicans actually voted for Hillary because they did not want their party being Shanghaied by Trump.

After the election was a lot of finger pointing and gnashing of teeth… oh, and a bit of violence, too, I might add.

Before the election, the Democratic faithful ensured us that Trump’s victory would usher in a wave of public violence. They did not tell us they meant it was going to be THEM doing the violence. Was this some form of self-fulfilling prophecy?

Analysts have looked over the data and come up scratching their heads on how such a thing could happen. The Democrats are trying to find a way to re-brand themselves. But, so are the Republicans.

And everyone seems to have overlooked what is really going on here. And it is really quite simple.

America is tired of politicians.


The Democrats didn’t want Hillary and the continued swamp political machine.

The Republican faithful didn’t want one of the old tried-and-true candidates, they wanted someone outside the swamp.

Trump was elected simply because neither party is representing the electorate. Trump was elected because the public is tired of business-as-usual insider politics.

And the vast majority of Trump supporters are still in favor of the man. They really want to see what somebody not beholden to the system can do for the citizenry.

That is why Trump is having an uphill battle getting his legislation through. People would think that since his party controls the Senate and the House, there should not be much trouble. Unfortunately, his party (or rather the lack of party) is not in power. The Republicans are, and most of them are having trouble coming to grips with what they’ve been saddled with.

So, I don’t think Trump is going to be too very successful because everyone on the Hill is holding their breath until a real politician can get back in control of the White House and they can all be getting back to “business as usual”, which does not bode well for the citizens.

Personally, I would like to have seen what Bernie could have done.



Oh, well.

In just a few short weeks, football will be back to distract us.

So, let’s see how many weeks we can get in the season before it becomes too obvious that Brady and the Patriots own the league again.

The Last Angry Man

July 22, 2016

DATELINE 2201 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

MC: Today I am talking to Jebadiah Horsepunt, a hundred-and-three year-old who is probably the last living supporter of Donald Trump. The election of 2016 was quite an experience according to the history books and we thought we would hear the impressions of someone who actually lived through those turbulent times. Mister Horsepunt:

JH: I know a lot of people have mentioned the anger that attended Trump and his campaign. The RNC leaders kept trying to get him to tone it down but he’d have none of it. He wanted the anger to flow, he wanted people to get mad enough that they’d get off their butts and do something about it.

What most people didn’t notice was that there were other angry people in America too, not just the middle-aged disenfranchised who supported Trump. There were plenty of young people angry as well and they all supported Sanders. Their anger was not as loud as Trump’s supporters nor as virulent but it was there. The angry people were tired of the same old government of usual that had been going on for years. They each approached the problem from different angles but they were both as angry.

When Sanders lost the nomination bid and bowed to Hillary, his supporters become further disenfranchised, disillusioned by party politics.

That’s why Cruz ran in 2020 with the slogan “Make the Republican Party Great Again”, echoing Trump’s slogan from the earlier election.

MC: So you are saying both parties were backed by angry people?

JH: Yep. The only people who were satisfied about the status quo were the Democrats supporting Hillary. But those people had been lulled to sleep by the rhetoric of the previous eight years when no change came to America, as Obama had promised.

Everybody else were awake enough to be mad at what they were seeing, mad at what this country was becoming, mad enough to do something. The vocal angry were for Trump, the quiet angry were for Sanders. And when you have seventy-percent of the electorate being mad about the way things are being run – or not being run, mind you – things are likely to go South.

MC: “Go South”?

JH: Yeah, get a little squirrely.

MC: Uh, and that means…?

JH: Let’s just say everything got a little bit messy for a time.

MC: Thank you, Mister Horsepunt. That has been a small view into the politics back in 2016. I’m not sure if it clears up much for any of you but that’s the take of the fellow that calls himself “the last angry man”. The views and opinions expressed on this show have been those of the speakers and not the views of this corporation, its subsidiaries, or its parent corporations.