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Take a Knee, Everyone, Take a Knee… What are We Protesting??

September 24, 2017

Colin Kaepernick started it last year, this taking a knee during the anthem before an NFL game and it created quite a ruckus. Seems everyone has a side on the issue, one way or the other.

But now, a year later, it has finally reached the pinnacle of all protests… Yes, President Trump has tweeted his displeasure. Naturally, Roger Goodell contends that the NFL has a right to make their own rules and, as long as the owners permit it (and until the advertisers suspend their ads [spoiler: AIN’T gonna happen!]), they will let the players take a knee.

The owners are now tweeting replies to the President’s tweets that owners and fans should protest the protesters and Keith Olbermann has tweeted that everyone, including the fans in the seats, should “take a knee” in protest of Trump’s demands.

Meanwhile, Army Chaplain Captain Sonny Hernandez thinks the Constitution should always play second fiddle to his own personal religious beliefs. He states that anyone in the Armed Forces who supports the Constitutional Rights of OTHER religions to practice their own beliefs is serving none other than Satan himself.

Now, the Chaplain did not conclusively state his religious convictions implied taking a knee at an NFL game was tantamount to selling one’s soul to the Master Menace from the Netherworld, it certainly seems to be what he has implied.

Meanwhile, the head of Black Lives Matter tweeted to say he has talked to 75 other NFL players who plan to take a knee as well come this weekend’s games.

And, in case this somehow got missed with all the genuflecting going on, Colin’s protest started with the incident that gave birth to the BLM movement.

So, once again, a quiet and personal protest on one issue alone has become an immense flack about protesting Trump, or religions, or the Constitution, or any other freaking thing you might want it to mean. Protesting Trump? Take a knee! Protesting Clinton’s stealing the nomination from Bernie? Take a knee! Protesting the high cost of bananas this week? Take a knee! Think Elon Musk should make Tesla’s more affordable? Take a freakin’ knee!

I think if anyone has anything, and I really DO mean ANYTHING to protest… Take the knee!

I know I will. These damned new shoes are killing me!

I’m taking the knee.

Bunches of Troubles

April 25, 2015

Maybe it’s just me, I suppose, but does anyone else notice something really odd about the bananas this year?

In previous years, I could buy a bunch that was a bit green and wait two days for them to be all yellow, and ready to eat.

This year, however, the green ones stay green longer at home and when I do crack one open it is all soft and mushy… which in previous years would have been signified with a spotty or brown peeling. So it is like the thing is unripened on the outside but over-ripe in the middle.

Weird, huh?

And then there are some that seem to be a bit grayish in their greenness and the surface seems to feel a bit waxy. These suckers do not change color one iota but are still over-ripe on opening.

Bruises to the banana used to show up on the peeling as well. A dark spot or brown patch would hint of something damaged inside.

Not so this year! The banana looks clean and perfect outside but inside has large mushy brown spots caused from either bruising or dropping from the top of the banana tree. Or rolling over it with a fork lift.

Normally, I go ape over bananas but this year it seems to have less appeal that before.

Unless, of course, you are making banana bread, whipped bananas, stewed bananas or fermented banana mash.

Maybe I’ll check out the organic bananas and see it they have the same problem.

Somehow, I don’t think they will.