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Doomed to the Pits of… Apple?

March 8, 2013


Apple had their big show recently and the new CEO, the very un-Jobs-like Tim Cook, did not mention the next big thing they were unveiling.

It was a let down to many of their rabid followers (like just about everyone on the planet) that there was no Apple-TV announcement or anything like the Dick Tracy television wrist-watches…

Which I happened to see advertised this morning but not by Apple.

People are wondering if Cook was being coy, or obtuse, or waiting for the word to come from the Oracle of Jobs located somewhere deep within the bowels of the Apple Headquarters…

The priests of which (or was it priestesses?) are probably kept separated from the rest of creation, subsisting on rice and lentils, breathing in wisps of esoteric incense to heighten their ocular powers and receive the word from…

Well, you get the picture. But apparently they did not send any word to Cook before the meeting and one would have to conclude that his improv skills would have sent him packing at the Last Comic Standing competition.

But if Apple has lost sight of the Next Big Thing, can life be worth living anymore?

No, it would not.

We would find ourselves doomed to a Microsoft existence.

Let us pray.

and now, Windows 8 (W8)

October 25, 2012

Tomorrow it will be here.

Wow! Like, I can hardly w8!

I caught the short demo of the new system with its checkered graphical display and even a link to the Windows “app-store”.

I would call that extremely innovative (Bill Gates’ catch-word, not mine) wouldn’t you? Except that I have a feeling I have sort of heard of this thing before.

Maybe I had a premonition of it, I dreamed it (or nightmared it), or maybe it’s because it sounds a lot like some Apple products I have heard of… once… you know, or twice… or so.

But then that really would be innovative, wouldn’t it? I mean, I don’t really think Windows has so closely copied anything from Apple before, have they?

Well, only that windowing thing. I recall that was all from trying to copy the Apple OS, but that is ancient history these days and we don’t even bother counting that sort of copy-catting. Not when we have a new, virtually innovative bit of copy-catting going on.

Yes, once again, Microsoft leads the way… sort of from the rear, as it were. But this new system looks really good. (wink)

I may decide to take it for a spin in 2014, which would be about a year sooner than I generally try out Windows systems… you know, like after they have worked all the bugs out.

W8 for it, W8 for it…