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November 3, 2012

Some of my friends are telling me I should have published with another company rather than “Martian Publishing” since their main focus is supposedly science fiction.

Hey, it’s not like I had a lot of choice, you know.

And one friend even said I should have put a picture of myself on the back with a little blurb about me. Really? You’re kiddin’ me! I want to drive some sales, not drive the readers away.

And though the sales have not been “tops” for my first venture, If the World’s a Village, I’m It’s Idiot, I have been inspired to pen yet another collection of “brilliant” observations – by some rather bizarre standard, I am sure – in my next book called Who Let Out the Greenhouse Gases? which may not be suitable for human consumption.

Actually, I had started this blog to do a book of the same title (“For What It’s Worth” in case you did not notice) but the focus on that volume stutter-stepped and went wide of the mark. My next option, Nocturnal Breeding Habits of the southern varieties of Drosophilae burritoana in Postmodern Homophobic Societies did not garner enough interest for me to even finish telling people the title, much less showing them the outline.

So, For What It’s Worth will probably wait for awhile as I finish the one on greenhouse gases and the whole Global Warning thing.

After that, since the publisher has such a science-fictiony name, I thought I would write something like “How to Housebreak a Martian” or something really useful like that.

But I will have to wait for responses from my “loyal fan base”.



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