Something About Me… or maybe not

I’m just a regular sort of guy and I have opinions about stuff just like everyone else in the world, I suppose.

And some of these opinions have been expressed over the years and the net result was… you guessed it, nothing!

So, I am offering all these marvelous opinions to everyone for free, for what it’s worth.

And it probably ain’t worth much.

But I will be writing a collection of my humorous observations so more people can see what it’s worth.

Probably, as above, it won’t be worth a thing.

But it might be good for a laugh.

And like my grandpappy said, If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living.

So, laugh, live, and enjoy!

Trying to keep up with the world is a struggle at times but I’m still pedaling as fast as I can.

And I have published a book on some of my shortcomings called If the World’s a Village, I’m Its Idiot. Perhaps you may find it mildly humorous (if not just a little sad and pathetic) and it is available at Amazon online in any of a variety of formats.

And I know it’s a little cheesy to shamelessly be promoting my book like this but – hey! – if I don’t do it, nobody else will.

[Author of the book If the World’s a Village, I’m Its Idiot available in digital and print formats, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.]

You can stay abreast of forthcoming titles at Martian Publishing’s website or facebook page.


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