Aaron, You Shoulda Listened to Tim

Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty by a jury of his non-gansta peers and it seemed to come as a surprise to no one except Hernandez himself.

In the last few days, either he was “putting on a air of confidence” or he actually believed his high-priced lawyers were going to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

But Hernandez was no OJ, this perp had no juice. And though he was able to get rid of much of the incriminating evidence, the jury saw through the charade. Aaron has lost his mojo and will probably spend his life behind bars trying to make himself a kingpin in the prison population somewhere.

If he had paid more attention to his QB back at Florida… but then, Aaron was so little like his Biblical namesake and he probably thought Tebow a bit of a pansy with all that praying and stuff.

Tebow prayed, now Aaron pays.

Maybe he’ll find God in prison… so many do.

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