The strangest playoff game

The strangest playoff game of the season was Green Bay at Seattle.

Certainly Seattle’s defense was fairly good in keeping Green Bay out of the end zone but the field goals were really stacking up.

Fourth quarter five-and-a-half minutes to play, Burnett intercepts a Wilson pass and quickly drops to the turf.

I was like WTF?? Troy Aikman praised the guy for going down and I thought what sort of weird football universe was I in?

Then the Green Bay came in and ran the ball three times to “run down the clock”.

I could understand them doing this if there was only a buck-forty on the clock but they were giving the Seahawks the ball back with something like a week to play. Hadn’t these guys ever looked at any films of Wilson play?

Seattle got a touchdown and then the Burnett drop was assisted by another drop on the on-sides kick and it was game over.

Most analysts are yapping about the on-side kick fiasco but none of that would have happened if Rodgers had come out with pretty good field position and played to win, not just run out the clock.

What was Mike McCarthy thinking?


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