Group Hug Time



Apparently, Jay Gruden is really the good guy in this scenario.

Yes, his words were “harsh” but “true”, his comments were all “twisted horribly” by the media. Which, I assume, would include myself and a few other bloggers who seemed to think he was saying one thing when it should have been nuanced another.

Apparently his trashing of RG3’s mechanics and work-ethic was really nothing more than a “tough love” approach to help the poor man improve.

That reminds me of people who can be so caustic in their remarks and then defend what they are saying as “being honest” as if their opinion is somehow to be considered “truth” and others’ opinions aren’t.

But the season is wrapping up – suitable, I suppose for this season – and will be sealed with a great big colorful bow to be placed under Snyder’s Christmas tree, labeled “a lump of coal”. Yes, everyone has buried the hatchet (the one without the blood-stains) and come together as one big happy family.

Photo op beside the tree, they all smile merrily and embrace – as one – as if the debacle of 2014 never happened.

And the fans, as usual, just shrug and smile weakly as if to say “Just Wait Until Next Year.”

At least we can all end the season in the same frame of mind.




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