Me and Santana

I was not ejected.

No, and no one even threw a flag in my direction.

And I have seen the replay many times, trying to understand where Jeff Triplette is coming from.

I understand that a fumble will have to be completely “controlled” by the player before going out of bounds. Yeah, I got that.

And I understand that a receiver must control the ball “through the process” of going to the ground. Yeah, I got that.

The part I am having trouble wrapping my mind around is how any of that applies to the touchdown scored by RG3 at the end of the first half against the Giants

First off, I don’t think he “fumbled” the ball. He bobbled it a bit after the contact but he had regained control of it before he broke the plane of the end zone.

I know if a passer catches the ball in the end zone, he has to complete the process, but how does a runner going into the end zone need to complete any “process”.

Many times runners have had to switch hands – sometimes even bobbling it a bit in the process – but when a runner is in control of the ball and breaks the plane, it’s a touchdown.

It is not as if Robert had let the ball hit the ground or was losing control as he dove into the end zone. He had it in control and the ground made the fumble… which, if I recall correctly, the ground cannot do.

If, on the other hand, this was a correct call, then I am probably more pissed than Santana.

And maybe I should be ejected.


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