Party Like a Pirate

Looks like it’s all over but the getting down, party hearty.

Sure, the Redskins have been a train wreck this year but the pitiful engineer of the debacle has received word today that his job is secure for at least one more full-filled season.

Hot ziggidy, huh?

RG3 made an appearance in the game on Sunday against the Giants and looked impressive. With the exception of the TD just before half… and you know that was a robbery.

Then, in the second half, the spark that the old RG3 brought to the field in the first half was suddenly missing. He returned to dutifully standing in the pocket and getting beat up.

The radio announcers – Sam Huff, Sonny Jurgenson, Larry Michaels, and even Chris Cooley – were scratching their heads, trying to figure out what had gone so horribly wrong.

It seems rather obvious, doesn’t it?

Robert came out playing like Robert plays and the coach got a bit miffed and told him to focus on being a good little pocket passer.

The results, of course, speak for themselves.

And next Sunday, Robert gets the nod to start against Philly… well only because of Colt’s injury, of course. Its not like he would start otherwise, huh?

So, we can watch and wait for Robert to be injured from the repeated punishment sure to come his way – Chip Kelly and his blitzers are salivating at the chance – and we can see Kirk Cousins coming in off the bench to assist this team to yet another wonderful 3 – 13 season.

Damn! I can hardly wait for next season when we can get to see more of the same!

Almost makes me want to be a swashbuckling Buccaneer. Like Brad Johnson…



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