A nice article (at summed up the problem in Washington very nicely.

Jon Gruden was talking about the “mess in Washington” – and he wasn’t talking about the dysfunctional Congress we have – but the Redskins football team.

Michael David Smith even hints that the leaks from “inside sources” may even be from this same familial pipeline. Yes, Jay complains to brother Jon about his woes and seeks advice… Then somebody mentions it to the media… but I ain’t sayin’ who does this, of course… though his initials are probably JG.

Anyway, the tribe Grudenois is letting it be known that the problem with the Redskins is RG3 and that there is “no way” the Coach can work with the fellow.

We heard rumors that his mechanics were crappy… then QB guru Sean Hill goes over the film and asks “where?”

We hear rumors that RG3 has “lost the locker room”… but those fellows don’t seem to play any better for Kirk or Cort either.

It seems all these rumors coming out of Redskins Park support the claims of the illustrious novice Head Coach.

Ain’t he a marvel?

Okay, so I’ll put this out there:

All these rumors are from Head Coach Gruden himself to bolster his position against Snyder. “Ya see, Danny boy, everyone seems to agree with me.”

And the one who has “lost the locker room” is Coach Gruden himself, otherwise the team would be a cohesive whole standing shoulder to shoulder with their coach, the game plans, the scheme, and so forth. Since all we see is a professional sports franchise in meltdown, I would say the problem starts at the top.

And this time, it doesn’t seem to be emanating from Snyder.

This stench has JG written all over it. I mean, really, how many coaches in the history of the league have publicly trashed the starting QB?

One would also get the impression that the team would rather be doing something else, like getting behind the franchise QB and putting together a system – behind the superstar – and win some games.

Unfortunately, the players are professionals who know well enough to keep their opinions to themselves.

One can only wish that Jay knew as much, huh?


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