Gruden Follies of 2014 Continue

Saw an interesting article recently about RG3 and his supposed lousy mechanics. (You know, the game that Chris Cooley dissected to show how bad Robert was in his development.)

Sean Hill, a quarterbacks trainer and QB guru looked at the game film expecting to see a train wreck but came away with a different take. Not too surprising to me as it was what I got from watching the game as well. Griffin executed well and his fundamentals were in good shape – funny that Gruden seems to have missed it, huh? but what would you expect from a novice – but what really bothered him was a porous offensive line.

Many say he should learn to trust the O-line but I think you first have to see something trustworthy. It reminded me so much of the beating Patrick Ramsey had gone through with his O-line – especially the supposedly great Chris Samuels – allowing him to get pummeled on every stinking play from scrimmage.

Now, the fans are relieved to know that Griffin will be starting against New York in the upcoming game. People are relieved that Gruden has finally “got it right”. but I am not so easily convinced.

Sure, Robert is starting but with Gruden’s itchy finger, he could very easily pull him and throw Cousins in. The problem, as I see it, is not that Griffen gets the nod, it’s that the game plan is still going to be Gruden all the way. And expecting the QB to suddenly become a pocket-passer without a suitable offensive line…

It just seems a little offensive to me.

Perhaps if Robert conspired with his teammates to play his sort of game instead of Gruden’s…

But that ain’t gonna happen is it?

No, these people are all professionals.


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