How About The Real McCoy, Huh?

Everyone’s been raggin’ on RG3 and expecting Colt to be “the guy”.

Last week he looked miserable against Indy but – after all – they are one of the top teams in the NFL. But this week? This week we were at home against the 5-7 Rams. Gruden seemed assured this was going to be a walk in the park.

Nope. More like a mugging.

People seem to forget that the reason Colt seemed so good is no one was expecting to defend against him and his technique of play. Once he was made the starter, we get to really see how ineffective he is.

So many of the fan sites I have seen go on and on about how bad RG3 is and how he can’t make the adjustment to “pocket passer” like Gruden wants him to. Unfortunately, those people seem to know less about people in general and gifted athletes in particular… just like Jay Gruden. Like, nothing.

If I were Snyder, I wouldn’t even let the coach finish out the season. By this point, his methods and his philosophy – not to mention his knowledge of football – have been proven to be sorely lacking.

And what was that about sending in RG3 with two minutes to go. Does he really think the star player really “needs to get a few reps”? Why not Kirk? I would burden Gruden with a few expletives but I try to keep a family-oriented blog here and I will refrain from doing so, but feel free to blast him with whatever choice phrases you want. Please!

If the owner, Dan Snyder, understood football a little better he could probably make better decisions. Probably hearing Gruden’s schpiel about “pocket passers” are the future of the NFL… just look at Andrew Luck… he was convinced to go for it. RG3 is not a pocket passer. He is not a typical athlete. He is a gifted quarterback who plays the position naturally. It was not something he had to learn so Gruden is naturally wrong thinking he can merely “re-train” Robert. The kid was never trained to be a QB to start with, it’s all just him.

Sure, he can learn schemes, formations, and so forth, but he cannot be untrained in the intuitive way he plays because it was never learned.

RG3 is truly a naturally gifted quarterback.

Fixing the wheel that isn’t broken will never assist you along the journey. RG3 is not that wheel.

But the Head Coach position is the wheel that’s broken.

* * * * * * *

Anyway, how ’bout that Colt McCoy, huh?

Yeah, whatever.


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