Coaching ‘Em Up

Jay Gruden shocked the football world when he came out and “trashed” his quarterback in public.

Peter King’s column took up the case and said Griffin III has to be tried and tested very thoroughly the last six games of the seaon to determine if he is going to stay a Redskin.

Both of these gentlemen seem to be overlooking the obvious: RG3 is a dynamic athlete that has played well in the past when playing HIS brand of football.

Gruden’s complaints were very explicit in his saying RG3 missed the number of steps each drop should have entailed. Yes, it is obvious Gruden wants to make Griffin into a pocket passer… you know, like Kirk Cousins. Hey, Gruden, tell me again how well that worked for you and Cousins, huh?

But Gruden’s desires are not new. He stated in his very first news conference that he uses a scheme that requires a good pocket passer.

So, why didn’t he go to a team that already had a good pocket passer? Duh!

Instead he comes to DC and apparently those in command of the organization (owner Snyder and GM Allen) were made aware of Gruden’s taste and plans before hiring the guy. So they all seem to be on board with the idea of forcing RG3 into becoming a pocket passer.

And I thought some of these people actually knew something about football!! (Not Snyder, of course, but he’s just the owner and doesn’t need to know.)

It is almost as if these guys went down to a car lot to find a vehicle to haul wood around and they come home with a Mazerati, hitch up their trailer to it, and start carting wood. How long do you think the car is going to last under those conditions?

As I have mentioned before about the case of Lavar Arrington, the team took an absolutely dynamite player who led the team in tackles his first year and then benched him under the new defensive coordinator because the fellow could not learn “the scheme” put in by Greg Williams (remember him, huh?).

Schemes are for people who are very good but really mediocre. Sure, their “mediocre” is better than anything other than the NFL, but they are just very, very good. Not great.

The greats are those whose natural talent far outshine everyone else. They are dynamic and play instictively.

In other words, not by any scheme.

Would you force Peyton to run the play that was called in rather than make any “adjustments” of his own at the line?

Would you force Brady to do what RG3 does so well, run with the ball?

Of course not!

So why would any rational human being take the square peg that RG3 is, shave off the corners and force him into a round hole? If RG3 had been capable of being a great pocket passer, he would have already done that in college like Andrew Luck.

The Seattle Seahawks built their offense around the strengths of Russell Wilson. The year before Peyton arrived, John Fox did the same at Denver, adjusting the offense to match the strengths of Tim Tebow. These teams nade it to the playoffs because the coaches were smart enough to know that the majority of the players CAN adjust to the play at quarterback.

If the quarterback is to be the commander on the field, it had better come naturally. Otherwise he will spend too much time trying to re-think everything he already knows about the game (and himself) to become something the incompetent coach is forcing him to be.

In a game earlier this season, RG3 headed for the sidelines, turned his body to throw a pass, broke his ankle – and knew it immediately as he kept that leg well elevated – and while falling backwards and sideways STILL COMPLETED THE PASS down field for a first down.

And all the coach can think is trying to force him into being a pocket passer.


It was in that same game where it looked like we had the old RG3 back. He was running – not the same extended loping strides of his first year – but exciting enough for the crowd. They went nuts, cheering everytime he took off running. THAT’s what they love about RG3. If they wanted to cheer a pocket passer, they should get Aaron Rodgers’ clone.

Another thing about Gruden, he said that RG3 should worry about his own actions on the field and not worry about what the other players are doing. Then he says RG3 should be paying more attention to all aspects of the game around him, not just his mechanics.

If that is the sort of self-contradictory “coaching” RG3 has been getting, I’m surprised he can function at all.

If Peter King is correct that Washington needs to use the final six games to determine if they are going to keep RG3, I’ll save them the tension: trade him away NOW.

Perhaps the next team will be run by someone intelligent enough to use his talents.

Some coach smart enough.

And we already know that can’t be Gruden because – paraphrasing his own words – he ain’t even close to being smart enough.


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