Roger… Over and Out

There are a bunch of people calling for Goodell’s head after the most recent fiasco in the NFL. But these people seem to forget what his job is over there.

PR, pure and simple. If anything comes along that makes the NFL “look” bad, Roger is all over it like white on rice… or something. He is not some Supreme Justice handing down balanced opinions and punishments for students to pore over in posterity, he is making the NFL LOOK caring, concerned, responsible.

It seems some people have lost the idea that this is really nothing but a sport and the NFL just another tax-free multi-billion dollar corporation. When was the last time you heard about a corporation really caring for “people”?

The Commish hears cases of violence in the game and passes out judgments like lollipops to the kids getting their first haircut. Each may be a different color but for some strange reason they all taste exactly the same, you know?

His decisions are not the golden benchmarks of jurisprudence some people seem to think they are.

Violent hits are frowned on – and fined – because of previous lawsuits. Drug abuse is frowned on – and fined – because of previous lawsuits.

Then along comes a case of domestic violence. Hey, that sort of thing happens and its not pleasant but – hey! – its really no one’s business, is it?

Except that it was a big-name player and a black-eye for the league. So, Roger and his assistants looked through their papers and found not very much in legal actions against the league for this sort of thing. Still, it reflects badly on the league that they cannot somehow keep the violent nature of their players curtailed to the confines of the playing field. So, Roger simply had to do something to keep that hint of tarnish off the NFL shield.

Did they see the tape? Who cares?! They certainly didn’t care anything more about the situation whether they saw the tape or not.

Their only concern – and most especially, Roger’s – was to make it appear that the NFL cared. That was all this is about.

Do those billionaires really care that a man whalloped his wife in a casino elevator after both had reached their alcohol-tolerance limits? Heck no!

There have been other tales over the years of players doing the same thing – even with some of the battered wives pressing charges – but it never had interfered with the business of football. The league figured it was handled properly.

But times have changed and it would seem that the public did not react as Roger figured. Maybe it was TMZ’s fault or maybe his own but he wound up with something akin to egg on his face.

Now, people are calling for Roger’s head.

That is an overreaction. That is not understanding his role. People are acting like he’s had a fall from Grace or something. He was never “up there” to begin with. He’s just a CEO.

The overreaction – in my opinion – is what has happened to Rice.

Many people over the years have had to learn to deal with anger issues. There are treatment centers, programs, councillors. Ray can get some help in this. But to ban him FOR LIFE seems a bit harsh. Even killers seem to get lighter sentences these days.

First Roger underreacted to the case and now he has overreacted. People are screaming for his removal.

But I am sure there are clinics to help him through this as well.

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