Courting Disaster

I recently came across an article that had been written in October 2010 about the Redskin’s Fans Guide to the team and its owner, Dan Snyder.

The thing garnered a couple of hundred comments – none in support of Mr. Snyder, I might add – and died on the vine that is the fate of older internet articles.

Unfortunately for Mr. Snyder, he filed suit against the small paper in Feb. 2011 and the article was linked in the Washington Post online edition. Here it went nationwide and the number of comments grew to over a thousand.

People coast-to-coast got to read a little about what the Washington Redskins fans have had to put up with for over a decade now. He expanded his suit to include the author and the notice continued. After he finally dropped his suit in September 2011, the comments and views diminished greatly.

The article was referred to again in a recent Yahoo! Sports article and is getting commented on again.

People just can’t get enough of / have had too much of Dan Snyder.

The recent benching of RGIII and the chatter about Mike Shanahan’s imminent firing have kept the kettle on a low boil I guess. And now I hear that Kyle Shanahan, Mike’s son and Offensive Coordinator, is threatening to leave.

Hey, Kyle, don’t let the door hit your backside. I’ve been saying for three years now that Kyle was the main problem the Redskins were having. I have even intimated that he was actually the one running the team.

Now an article from an “insider” at the organization, verifies the claim. Kyle has been allowed to surround himself with sycophants, buddies, and “yes-men” to the detriment of the organization. His bratty behavior has done the team tremendous harm.

So Mike Shanahan is to blame for allowing his less-than-stellar son call the shots and will probably pay the price. So will Dan Snyder. So will the fans.

Perhaps Dan was trying to “make a way” for his son in the NFL coaching world but I cannot think of an organization that would hire him.

But I am probably wrong on that score.

Earlier, about Tebow being picked up by a team, I was wrong.

Perhaps I should say no “intelligent” team would hire Kyle.

That is, if there are any of those even in the NFL.


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