This Year’s Menu


The big storm – “derecho” I think they called it – never materialized in our area, thank goodness. The one that hit last year destroyed about half the garden.

Our garden this year has taken a different course. Last year we tried for a lot of variety and wound up losing a lot of that stuff.

This year we decided to curtail the number of varieties and concentrate more on the stuff we actually eat.

We had six different types of tomatoes last year and canned about fifty jars of sauce, diced and whole tomatoes, juice and salsa. We like tomatoes and it seems the usual basis for so many of the dishes we eat.

So this year we are still doing the six varieties but have two or three plants of each. It is something we are guaranteed to eat.

Last year we started potatoes a little late in the season and, though we got a lot of them, most were a little small.

This year, we have tripled the potato patch and started early enough to get some bigger prospects. And we added sweet potatoes as well.

Peppers! Last year we had tabasco, jalapeno and banana hot peppers as well as pimento, Hungarian, and the standard green bells.

This year we cut the banana peppers but added habanero and serranos. Peppers are useful in so many of the dishes we cook so we love having as many as possible.

Kale, spinach, and two varieties of chard as well as the green beans. Last year we had vining beans but they were a bit messy so we’re trying bush beans this year.

And I hope the chard turns out as tasty as last year’s crop. Most chard I’ve had in the past has a little bitter edge to the flavor but that chard was exquisitely smooth tasting. Definitely worth a repeat. And the dozen cans we got out of it are all gone.

Looking forward to expanding our canning this year so we can actually make it through until spring on the food we have harvested.

It’s an exciting time!


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