Early Harvest


For several weeks we have been picking strawberries. Usually just a few a day, enough for cutting up in cereal for breakfast or as a nice snack after dinner in the evening.

Last weekend, the berries flourished and we were able to pick enough to can a half dozen jars of strawberry preserves. Yummy! Something to look forward to later in winter.

Now production has dropped off markedly. Just enough for breakfast and snacks but they are supposed to flower again later in the season and give us another crop just before autumn sets in.

But the blueberries are getting ripe now. Just a few to start, of course, but it looks like there may be enough in a couple of weeks to can up some blueberry jelly.

I love the harvest!


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2 Responses to “Early Harvest”

  1. Pasta Princess Says:

    I love it too! I just canned 16 jars of strawberry jam and strawberry balsamic jam which is out of this world!

    • carltonwelsh Says:

      Fantastic!! It sounds like you have a few more strawberry plants than we do but the way they’re spreading… maybe next year.
      And they are so easy to make.
      I think this is the first I’ve heard of strawberry balsamic jam.

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