Oh, My Aching Back!

I Love Spring!!

Spring has arrived in Virginia, when the birds get noisy, the youngsters get frisky, and the gardening begins getting serious.

And my back pays the price of sitting too many hours in front of the computer all winter long.

I usually try and remind myself that spring is coming and I had better start doing some form of exercise before the earth-moving begins but, like every other year I seem to forget until it is too late to “get ready”.

Now I spend a few evening with icy hot rubbed all over my back, as well as my wife’s, and we both struggle to find a “comfortable” position to sleep in.

And sleep is hard enough with the daylight savings time arriving simultaneously.

Sure, we have no control over the whole annual spring-timing issue but we do have control over that bit of nincompoopery. Ben Franklin may have thought it was a keen idea – he invented it, after all – but studies have shown that its implementation does NOT do what it was hoped… mainly save energy.

What it does spread around quite liberally is a bunch of cranky sleep-deprived people who tend to get into more accidents than normal. And this morning’s rush hour was no different. I-95, and 495, and 395 were clogged because of them and the metrorails were clogged for over two hours because of it.

When will the madness stop?!!

I mean, of course, the daylight savings, not the arrival of spring.

After a couple of weeks, though, the adjustments to the time-changed will have been made and people will not be at each others’ throats.

And my back will be adjusted to another season of crop-raising, harvesting, and canning.


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