Another Pair of Mixed Messages


I saw a couple of interesting stories today.

The first was another attempt to topple another hero.

No, not Lance Armstrong this time, but Mother Theresa. Yes, you heard me, Mother Theresa!

They are saying she was not so saintly after all. Apparently, her foundation raised over a hundred million dollars and yet the clinics she had for people in India were rustic, ill-equipped.

People say it was because she “didn’t really care about the people”. Yeah, right.

The article said she could have easily built completely modern clinics with all that modern medicine has to offer.

Ahem… enter article two…

A new “super” bacteria is spreading.

These little guys are impervious to antibiotics and seem pretty much unstoppable.

But how do people get these things anyway?

Well, by taking antibiotics and spending time in hospitals.

You know, those very modern facilities that Mother Theresa refused to build for her patients in India…


What do you know?

She really was a saint, wasn’t she?


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