Out of Order… Completely!


A woman in Erin, Tennessee, went to a restaurant called “the Flood Zone” and used their “customers only” restroom without making a purchase.

Now, keeping in mind that this is Tennessee we’re talking about and with a name that includes “Flood”, the situation is simply rife with humor.

In the area I live (Northern Virginia), we have plumbing services with names like Flood, Waters, and even Peed.

But… no, I won’t go there.

Anyway, the really odd part of this story is that a couple of weeks later the lady received a bill in the mail for $5 for using the toilet.

Hey, Conspiracy Theorists, wake up!

It seems the proprietor of the Flood Zone had raced outside after the woman left without purchasing and copied down her car’s tag number. Then she talked to the police and they gave her the address of the offending woman.

The local cops said they did this “as a courtesy” to the restaurant owner.

“Wrong” is written in indelible ink on this behavior.

In Arizona, forty years ago, they passed a law to stop the local cops from giving out the addresses of motorists to just anyone who called in and asked. The reason? Several young women had been tracked through this “public service” by stalkers, and several were even killed thanks to the loose lips of the law enforcement agencies.

But then, Tennessee is a little further behind the times, I guess.

So, if you have to go and you’re in Tennessee, hold it until you see the friendly golden arches.

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