Localized Aromatherapy


In any given month, I am liable to see one of two of these fragrant little guys in a mangled lump at the side of the road, doing nothing anymore except as in the words of Loudoun Wainwight “Stinking to high heaven.”

But for the past several weeks, I have seen at less four a day. What can be going on in the skunk world to drive so many of these fellows out onto the road late at night and stand around until someone volunteers to help in their “assisted suicide”.

And we have quite a few Kervorkian-on-wheels it would seem.

And if it was an occurrence in one isolated stretch of road, it would be one thing. And only one area to hold your breath driving through.

But the crime scenes change daily and the ripe odor spreads over a larger demographic daily.

Soon there will be no “clean air” locations anywhere along my drive to work.

Perhaps the phenomenon is only happening in Northern Virginia.

I wonder if it is happening in your locality as well?

And does anyone know what it means?


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