How Do You Figure??

It seems that all the genetics were there… but something went wrong.

Something about the “recessives” I think they are called.

And I had a pretty good run being on the cutting edge of technology but then I guess the old “peter principle” kicked in and I seem to have floundered. (Not the fish.)

My brothers got the good stuff. One’s a astrophysicist, one’s an engineer, and one’s a programmer… and me, I seem to have been hardwired for humor (or “so-called” humor, at least).

Dad was a systems analyst for NASA back in the day when working for NASA was exciting. Not like more recently when it was all maintenance and failed Mars missions, back when the men with the right stuff were strutting around making a pathway to the Moon.

And all four boys were infused with that scientific bent. But why would three keep going strong and the fourth one (which, ahem, would be yours truly) seem to run out of folds in the gray matter to tuck any more information? Is there some sort of cure for this thing or is it incurable?

Is it even a disease? I know I am un-eased by it.

Sigh. Though I do not know how it happened, I can at least be thankful I am not earning my living in one of the scientific fields. I mean, how would it feel to wake up one morning and think, “Okay, so it’s a Higgs boson. So what?” That would really put a crunch in the old paycheck.

But at least I have been spared that little problem. At least I won’t be deemed out-of-date.

As long as they don’t change the way we count money…

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