Another Missionary Moment Gone South

Tim Tebow was scheduled to speak at the mega-First Baptist Church of Dallas but has canceled his April appearance there.

Many people were upset because the pastor of the church, Robert Jeffress, is supposedly outspoken on the subject of gays, same-sex marriage, idolators, Muslims, Mormons, Catholics… well, I think you get the idea. Everything that is not a First Baptist or Jesus is under fire.

So, what’s the fuss? Most preachers I know – Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, what-have-you – are a little outspoken on the same subjects. I think that sort of goes hand-in-hand with the religion they are touting.

Of course, modern Christians who believe more in what Jesus was preaching – forgiveness, not casting the first stone, universal love and peace… you know, that namby-pamby side of the Savior – don’t have a problem with any of this.

And supposedly, neither did Tim Tebow. That is, until the furor started.

Now the gay-press is applauding his sensibilities for canceling while the Christian press is dragging Tebow’s image over hot coals… yes, just like Jesus did to someone, right? I mean that IS somewhere in the scriptures, isn’t it?

And I have read two separate articles that mention “Tebow’s handlers”… Jeffress himself appeared on a radio show and said “I believe as long as he listens to the Holy Spirit and to God’s voice and maybe not that of his handlers, you know, I think he will stand firm, and we’re counting him to do that.”

I was not aware that young men of his stature required “handlers”.

But let’s get one thing straight: Tebow IS religious and he has spoken in churches before and will, no doubt, continue that practice. It is his ministry. And Christianity is the religion he is ministering in. Even to those who do not precisely share the views of Jesus, or Tebow, or the Gay Rights movement.

Somewhere along the way, the unyielding will drop the stone they so want to cast, their speech will become more tolerant, and everyone will learn how to live peaceably with one another…

Probably about the time the football season starts up again and we can get down to what’s really important.

Beer nuts, anyone?


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