Tortious Trumped!!

Last time out, I mentioned tortious interference and damned if it hasn’t made the news.

No, not my mention in the previous post. Someone with a little more pull than I.

The Donald. Yes, Mister Trump is back in the news… but that’s not really news, is it? I mean, like, when is he not in the news?

And, yes, he’s threatening to sue someone else… I mean, other than Obama, or the Pope (or his successor as yet unnamed), or God.

There was a petition put up online asking that Macy’s actually dump the Donald because he was such a “bad influence”, because his presence in Macy’s was detrimental to their image.

After all, Trump keeps appearing in the news as the head of the “birther” movement (a self-appointed honor, it seems) or ranting about the travesty about Obama’s re-election, or some other great injustice to Mankind… or something…

Yes, Trump does seem to be the perfect poster-child for mayhem, but… come on! Who takes this guy seriously, anyway?

Well, 650,000 people signed the petition for Macy’s to Dump Trump and the Donald took exception.

He declared it was tortious interference and would account for about $25 million loss in revenue for him if that connection was lost to him.

Once again, we see the term being mis-used. The creator of the petition is not trying to take the money pipeline away from the Donald, he is trying to save Macy the enormous embarrassment of continued association with Trump’s madcap antics. It seems obvious to the petitioner that the antics of the man are actually going to hurt the name of Macy’s.

Personally, I have found the Donald’s outrageous antics something of a relief.

I mean if the rich and powerful can act as unhinged as my great-aunt Martha when she’s forgotten to take her medication, then I say “carry on!!!”

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