Mile High Shocker

Well the Divisional Round of the playoffs is over and next week we have the Conference Championship Games.

The games turned out pretty much as anticipated with the home teams winning in all but one of the contests. And that one was a surprise.

All the analysts over at had picked, unanimously, that the Broncos would have won that game. I guess nobody told the Ravens.

The reffing in the game was no better or worse than the other games I have seen this year except once again I had wished it would have been the replacement refs so the lousy calling could have been excused. But that is such a common gripe this season that is goes almost without saying, except to say it really sucked, as usual.

Still when we went to overtime, I was fully expecting that when the Broncos got their turn that Peyton was going to do the Tebow on the first play and catch D.T. on a crossing route and the guy would take it to the house.

Unfortunately, the play-calling went for the safe and utterly predictable run, which netted a yard, because it was what the Ravens had anticipated.

Things went downhill rapidly from there.

They should have Tebowed.

And they would be playing next week.

Tebow’s brother had a few choice tweets about the lack of the Broncos to be effective in the O.T. Period.

He said it was John Elway’s karma and that the record still stands that the last QB to win a playoff game in Denver was the QB that is not supposed to be a very good, or at least not an NFL-caliber QB, Tim Tebow.

You know, NFL-caliber, like… well, Peyton Manning.

Regardless, Peyton has been in the playoffs practically every year he has played, so I expect him to be back.

Like we are so used to saying here in Redskins country, “there’s always next year”.


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