Bad Business… Another Follow-Up

Well, the geothermal saga is over!!

In the week after Thanksgiving, we had an electrical contractor arrive to upgrade our electrical system.

After which, I contacted Mike Strasburg again, because he had promised to send someone “right over” as soon as the upgrade was completed.

The weekend before Christmas, Mr. Strasburg finally sent someone over to fix the system. Himself.

Apparently, all the different guys he had sent over during the month’s long process of installing our system he had fired because “they were incompetent”, he said. For the past several weeks he had been doing repair work on the faulty installations those idiots had done. Poor guy!

Then he proceeded to work for over an hour and headed for the front door. “Okay, that should do it.”

I felt near the register and felt an icy blast on my hand. “But it’s still cold.”

“Oh, it will take it a while to warm up.”

So, I told him he ought to at least wait a few minutes. My wife got even more adamant and told him to wait a few.

“But I have other service calls.” And he opened the door and fled.

And, of course, the house did not get any warmer because it still wasn’t working.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to order another cord of wood to be delivered or we would have frozen to death over the Christmas Break.

Calling him was useless as no one answered at the office and he wasn’t answering his personal cell. After a couple of days, I got the message that his cell’s voicemailbox was full.

Anyway, he finally called me back on the fourth of January and, after blaming me for his problems…

He even had the audacity to tell me that he had a technician in our neighborhood who refused to do our house because my wife had taken attitude with him!!

Funny, if I had an employee who refused to do a job, or follow a direct order… well, never mind.

Anyway, I hung up on him.

Then I got an email saying he would have a technician come over on Saturday and check to see if it was user error and was covered by the warranty. Otherwise he would have to charge us!

Yes, as if he was going to charge me for the trip. He said, we’re an installation company, not a service company.

Go figure.

Anyway, we left a short note for the tech explaining what Mike had said during the previous visit – you know, in case Mike didn’t tell them what he had already done – and took our pre-planned road trip.

To our delighted surprise, the house was nice and warm when we arrived back that evening.

And the tech left his card. He was not even an employee of OnSite Energy, he was a subcontractor… actually, as it turned out, a competitor.

This evening, the fellow called us to see if we were happy with his work and he explained the non-relationship with Strasburg. He had been hired to do several repair jobs for OnSite and found angry customers at every stop. He was starting to feel sorry for Strasburg.

That is, until he got to our house. He said the other houses were at least relatively warm. Our house was freezing. And he wondered what sort of businessman would schedule the situation with the highest priority dead last?

Well, Mike Strasburg, that’s who.

And the very worse part of the entire adventure, after Mike had already spent over an hour “trying to find the problem”, this tech said he opened the system and saw two wires had not been connected.

That’s it.

Total time to “fix” our system? Two minutes.

And Strasburg, the geothermal “engineer” couldn’t figure it out.

The geothermal system is wonderful and much more efficient that our previous fuel oil burner system.

And you would do well to look into such a thing. Just don’t bother calling OnSite Energy in Northern Virginia.

That Mike Strasburg is definitely bad business!


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10 Responses to “Bad Business… Another Follow-Up”

  1. thomas valkenet Says:

    Please give me a call. I am suing this fellow and his company and would love to share notes. We continue to investigate him and his company.

  2. Jay Says:

    I had a similar experience with this same company. Feel free to contact me for additional information.

  3. Chris S Says:

    Had a very similar situation. Glad he finally got his due and had his contractor license revoked. My split unit still doesn’t work in the upper level, the “duct work” in the attic looks like a metallic octopi orgy, and none of it is permitted properly. This guy is a scam artist of the worst kind. Oh, all of this has been going on for about 3 years. My 3 week install job is, technically, still going on. He’s not just a horrible “engineer” (though he’ll tell you he’s a rocket scientist and the smartest guy in the room…ANY room), he’s a miserable human being.

    • carltonwelsh Says:

      So happy to hear that his license has been revoked.

      Now if we could only get his name added to some “predator” list we’ll be in good shape. I am sure he will turn up again, in another guise, somewhere else in the near future. That sort of person usually does.

  4. Jay Cassetta Says:

    I had Onsite Energy install mine as well. Mike Strasburg is a CON MAN and all should be warned of him and his practices. Don’t forget he also operates under the name of “Unstoppable Solutions” so he may still be out there installing units and screwing people out of their hard earned money.

    My system has still not passed County inspection. This has been an ongoing problem since November 2011. He refused to return to my home to fix my system so it could pass the County inspection until I paid him a $2300.00 balance on the job. This is after he made to inspection appointments then never kept them. I attempted to file a complaint with DPOR and they said there was no violation. My County Code Enforcement Officer said there is since there is a heating system operating and in place without a passed permit. I attempted to serve him with papers however I could never get it done. Thusly I have a system that is not working properly, has failed inspection twice and I have no money to fix the system.

    I retire at the end of this year and I am not sue what I am going to do to fix my situation. My wife and I have talked about moving to Texas but I cant sell my house with an open permit and no money to fix my system.

    • carltonwelsh Says:


      I can understand your concern on this issue. Surely there must be someone in the field that could bring your system up to county specs for a nominal fee. Not all the people in that field are as crooked as Strasburg and even a few I talked to are worried that his garbage is going to negatively impact their business.

      You might also write to the others who responded to this thread ( and – if those are valid email addresses) and see how they were able to resolve the problem. My wife and I are also condisering moving back to Texas when our sentences here are over, but we still have a few years til retirement.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  5. Real Justice for Strasburg Victims Says:

    I am working with the others who commented on this post. I need your help. Please email me.

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