A lot of the fans here in “Redskins Nation” are disappointed and upset by the season-ending playoff game against the Seahawks.

I am not.

Normally, at least for most of the last decade, we Redskins fans would start looking forward with “maybe next year” around week eight or nine of the season. This year we witnessed a seven-game winning streak that gave our team the division and a playoff berth.

Yes, it is always disappointing when your team loses but, let’s face it, only one team is going to play from here out without a defeat and they will be crowned Super Bowl Champions. Everybody else is going to go home a loser. No matter how good the team.

So, while the way the game turned out may have been a bit of a heartbreak, the fact that RG3 led the team into the playoffs at all is exceptional.

The only disappointment I have is that the football season – as in every other year – is drawing to a close, and I will have to wait eight months to see any more.

Oh, well.

At least it will give RG3 plenty of time to recuperate and prepare for the next “run to glory”.

And we will play as the defending Divisional Champs.

The fans should relish that for the moment.

So, just wait til next year…


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